African Safari Decor

African safari decor gives you the opportunity to encounter a real life African safari in your very own home.

If going on an African safari is a lifelong dream of yours or if you have had the chance to experience one, it is no wonder why you would want to incorporate this lovely decor that breathes beauty and nature into your home.

Nothing is more memorable than seeing an elephant, lion, or giraffe in their natural habitat. Now imagine being surrounded with these beautiful animals on a daily basis.

Having African safari decor will enable you to experience the wonders of expansive savannahs, breath taking landscapes, magnificent animals, and proud ancestral tribes.

Experience the marvels of an African safari by welcoming it into your home and you will encounter the glorious wilderness day in and day out.

The seamless blend of the natural elements with the luxurious is created through the use of natural wood, cotton and jute fabrics, woven baskets, animal prints, and plants.

Furniture that is typically used for this type of decor are large, dark wood furniture pieces, along with jute rugs, and accessories with an African safari feel, such as tribal masks or a cheetah wall frieze.

The combination of unique textures and color bring harmony within the space. This is further enhanced by the decorative accessories that are comprised of elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and leopards, just to name a few. African safari decor offers an attractive approach to any home design with an emphasis on relaxed and comfortable living.

African safari decor is available in the following:

Art: With any home decor, art is a very important element because a picture can evoke feelings of peace, happiness, or inspiration. In addition, art gives a room depth, dimension, while adding color, style, and enhancing the mood or theme of the room.

It is important to relate your art to its surroundings.

An African safari inspired home may contain art on canvas, framed poster prints, or giclees that depict African wildlife, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, rhinoceros, and lions.

Other types of art that can be displayed on the wall include the following:

  • African warriors shadow box
  • Black rhinoceros wall trophy
  • Cheetah wall sculpture
  • Elephant wall sculpture
  • Tiger wall sculpture
  • Gemsbok wall trophy
  • Kudu wall trophy
  • Leopard wall frieze
  • Tribal masks

You may also wish to place a mural on the wall that features a lion, leopard, or a cheetah in the jungle. Other animals that may be incorporated in a mural are monkeys, elephants, zebras, and giraffes.

Bathroom Accessories: An African safari inspired bathroom includes zebra, giraffe, or leopard patterned towels, shower curtain, bath rug, soap dispenser, soap dish, tissue box holder, wastebasket, and toilet brush holder.

You may also wish to include a zebra or leopard animal print toilet seat. Some toilet seats are padded for extra comfort. For more information on toilet seats, please see Decorative Toilet Seats.

Bedding Ensemble: There are lovely bedding ensembles available that will coordinate beautifully with the African safari theme.

You can find bedding ensembles that feature the following patterns/prints: zebra, leopard, or giraffe. Other bedding ensembles have a combination of a zebra pattern with elephants or simply feature a lion.

For an authentic African safari theme, include a mosquito net atop a four-poster bed.

To give the bed a luxurious feel incorporate decorative pillows, such as square pillows, rectangular pillows, a boudoir pillow, and a neckroll pillow that feature zebra, leopard, or giraffe prints.

For a unified look, you may wish to include matching curtains to coordinate with the bedding ensemble.

Colors: Suitable colors for African safari decor are earthy tones that mimic the scenery of the African region, such as brown, rust, gold, and burnt orange. These colors are warm, cozy, and sophisticated and replicate the feel of Africa.

Color definitely affects a person’s mood, and with these types of colors, you will experience a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the space. For more information on color, please see Home Decorating Colors.

Decorative Accessories: There are a variety of decorative accessories to choose from that will bring the African safari theme to life.

Decorative accessories include the following:

  • African wall hangings, such as tribal masks, animal skins, or hand-forged copper works
  • African tribal designs displayed through masks, drums, and spears
  • Sculpture of a Zulu chieftain, Zulu warriors, or a Masai warrior
  • Animal figurines, statues, and sculptures of giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, rhinoceros, cheetahs, leopards, and tigers
  • Faux elephant tusks
  • Decorative boxes featuring, for instance, an elephant
  • Animal print pillows for the bedroom, living room, family room, and sunroom. You may also display these pillows on a window seat.
  • Leopard, tiger, and zebra print furniture throws
  • Leather trunks and woven Zulu baskets
  • Picture frames that feature colorful beads
  • Colorful candle holders
  • Leopard print candles
  • Stained glass bottles
  • Palms and other leafy plants set in African style pottery or bamboo vases

You may wish to display African style drums next to tables or chairs. Woven Zulu baskets add a lovely touch to an empty corner or next to a magazine rack or coffee table.

Furniture and Fabrics: African safari oriented furniture is often adorned in an assortment of animal hides, including leather, leopard spots, zebra stripes, or tiger skin. Traditional hand-painted fabrics, woven wools, and cotton textiles further complement the African safari theme.

Excellent African safari furniture choices include pieces made from natural materials, such as rattan and bamboo. You can find sofas, chairs, and tables that are constructed from these materials.

Rattan brings a natural element since it is a tropical tree that grows in the jungle. It is generally used as decoration for wicker style pieces on the sides of tropical style computer armoires, the sides of writing desks, or the padded backs of chairs. It is flexible and durable, with knobby joints that are wrapped to convey a smooth appearance. Wicker is a kind of furniture building technique where strands of grass or vines are woven together.

Bamboo is can be described as thick grass with a hollow center.

Natural materials like cane, seagrass, water hyacinth, and banana leaf are often woven to form chairs, sofas, tables, and countless accents.

These materials create sturdy and lightweight furniture, such as computer armoires, printer cabinets, along with other furniture that is eco-friendly.

You may wish to accent the sofas and chairs with cushions that feature bright African prints and designs to add color and beauty.

African fabrics are available in a vast array of weaves, textures, colors, and designs that feature vibrant geometrics and bold golden accents. These unique textiles generally repeat a single symbol, which represents security and continuity, as well as meaningful proverbs or historical events.

Another type of material that is popular in African safari decorating is mud cloth. Mud cloth is made from dye out of fermented mud and decorated in colorful patterns or features images of African tribal dancers, local animals, and flora. Other materials include appliquéd cloths and embroidered velvets perfect for decorating furniture and bedding.

Other types of furniture include sculptural tables or pedestals that feature an elephant, camel, or giraffe. This is sure to make a fabulous statement in your African safari decor.

Lighting: With African safari decorating, there is no lack of exotic flair and sophistication.

For the dining room, you may incorporate a beautiful iron candelabra or rustic hurricane lamps.

Other ideas include plain or ornate wall sconces that provide soft light and have an inviting glow.

Table lamps and floor lamps are available in a sculpted animal design while others feature lampshades with animal prints.

A unique floor lamp to consider is one that features faux ivory tusks that form an architectural pedestal.

It is a stunning design that makes a great conversation piece.

These lamps are sure to reflect the African safari ambience that can be appreciated time and time again.

Plants: Trees and plants that are ideal for African safari decor include the following:

  • African Raffia palm tree
  • Palm trees, such as an Areca palm
  • Bamboo
  • Don’t forget to sprinkle in some color by adding red roses, croton plants, nandi flames, jacarandas, and frangipani flowers to further enhance the African safari theme.

Rugs: With an African safari theme, you are sure to create authentic flair in your home by incorporating beautiful area rugs consisting of animal prints, elephant motifs, and colorful tribal rugs.

Other area rugs to consider are those that feature monkeys swinging from palm branches, tigers, a rug that has a combination of zebra and leopard prints, giraffes, jaguar prints, lions, and palm trees.

If you prefer an area rug that is made from cowhide, you may find them in the following prints: zebra, tiger, giraffe, leopard, and cheetah.

You may also keep it simple by accenting your floors with area rugs in sisal and jute that are woven in natural fibers or by using mats and rugs made from rattan and seagrass.

This brings a natural element to African safari decor while providing textural interest against the flooring.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is another fantastic way to add color and serves as a decorative element in African safari decor.

You may wish to include wallpaper borders or wallpaper that features:

  • An animal print
  • Elephants, cheetahs, and zebras
  • Mother giraffe with cub and elephants
  • Leopards, zebras, and elephants in a jungle

Window Treatments: Ideal window treatments for African safari decor should project a natural quality.

Some choices to consider include bamboo or matchstick blinds or shades, linen panels, and plantation shutters.

You could also dress up your windows by hanging curtains consisting of a zebra, leopard, cheetah, or giraffe print.

Having African safari decor enables you to experience the thrill of going on a safari every day.

Not only is this decor lovely, but it is a style that conveys a mood that is comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful.

Due to the natural elements that are deep-rooted in African Safari decor and Tropical decor, you may wish to visit Tropical Decorating and Furniture for more ideas.

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