Baptism Decorations

Baptism decorations are an elegant way to celebrate the rite of passage into the family of God.

To give a little history, the word “baptism” is Greek for “to immerse or dip.”

This ancient rite was originally adapted from the Jewish faith and performed by priests at the temple to cleanse a person making him whole in God’s eyes.

The person being cleansed was required to bring the appropriate offering to the priest, such as doves, lambs, or simply grains.

In return, the priest made a statement to God before washing the unclean person in water, oil, or perfumes at the temple.

This process was symbolic since the impurities were transferred from the person to the water allowing the person that was baptized to enter the Temple for worship on Saturday as the holy day.

baptism-decorations-christening-gownAt the start of Christianity, this practice of washing away sins continued. An offering to the priest was not asked for, only a vow and oath of belief in the Christian religion and all it represented.

After the Roman Empire influenced the early Catholic doctrine, the only real change that the ritual was required to undergo was that the new converts had to be clothed.

Baptism continued this way for many years until the Catholic Church made the distinction that full immersion was no longer necessary in 1311 at the Council of Ravenna and replaced it with pouring.

For many families, baptizing their child involves careful planning. The preparations include finding a church where one feels spiritually connected, along with the ideal reception location and the perfect baptism decorations. Baptism decorations are available in a variety of colors, designs, and themes. With so many choices, your little bundle of joy’s celebration will definitely be one to remember.

Choose a Theme

baptism-decorations-religious-cutoutsThe following are common themes of baptism decorations, along with their significance:

  • Angels: Angels denote light, goodness, and divinity.
  • Bible: The bible signifies religious perseverance. Bible based themes consist of either a white, black, or brown book that bears a holy cross on it.
  • Cross: The holy cross denotes Christianity. A cross theme may include cross-shaped soaps, candles with a cross emblem, and chocolate bars with a cross on the wrappers.
  • Doves: Doves denote peace and purity.
  • White: White symbolizes life, joy, happiness, purity, and peace. It also denotes goodness, brightness, and prosperity.

Baby Boy Themes

  • Baby Boy Stripes
  • Blue Tiny Blessings
  • Nursery Rhymes Blue
  • Sweet Prince
  • Teeny Tiny Boy

Baby Girl Themes

  • Baby Girl Stripes
  • Little Angels
  • Nursery Rhymes Pink
  • Pink Tiny Blessings
  • Precious Moments
  • Teeny Tiny Girl

Unisex Themes

  • Holy Cross
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Rejoice

Baptism Decorations

Balloons: Incorporating balloons into your baptism decor is a fabulous way to add color, beauty, and a special glow to the reception.

There are different balloon arrangements you can choose from, such as:

  • Balloon bouquets consisting of multi-colored balloons in the colors of your choice.
  • A mylar balloon shaped like a cross, or with a design of the following: dove, Precious Moments, or with the words, “A Christening Wish.” You may also opt for latex balloons that feature a dove, a baby carriage, baby booties, or personalized with your baby’s name and the date of the baptism.
  • Balloon sculptures, such as, an angel with a halo or a pacifier.
  • An arched balloon theme that has multi-colored balloons.

Banner: You can have a banner personalized with your baby’s name and the date of the baptism for that extra special touch. They are available in a pink or blue color.

Some examples of personalized banners include the following:

  • God Bless Our Child Mary Jane Johnson on her day of baptism
  • God Bless Peter John Smith Baptized August 9th

Ceiling: A nice way to dress up the ceiling for your baptism reception is by hanging ceiling decorations consisting of gold crosses. This will add interest and beauty to the overall decor of the room.

You may also decorate the ceiling with an assortment of multi-colored balloon arrangements or colorful streamers.

Religious Cutouts: Religious cutouts are a lovely way to add to this significant occasion.

Religious cutouts consist of the following designs:

  • Biblical Passage
  • Cross
  • Jesus
  • The Bible

Baptism Table Decorations

Baptism Confetti: Bring beauty to guest tables by sprinkling precut confetti shaped like a cross at place settings or around the cake.

baptism-decorations-gold-cross-centerpiece-honeycombCenterpiece: A centerpiece is a dramatic way to add elegance to a table and further ties in the baptism theme. You may display a centerpiece on the gift table and on guest tables.

Centerpieces are available in the following:

  • Cross Cascade Centerpiece
  • Cross Centerpiece
  • Mini Cross Table Centerpiece
  • White Cross Centerpiece

Floral Arrangements: Floral arrangements bring color and fragrance to guest tables. You can decorate your tables with a floral centerpiece consisting of fresh cut flowers or to keep costs down, you may wish to display silk flowers. Faux flowers are reusable and you don’t have to worry about them wilting.

Table Cloth: A table cloth is a must-have for table decor. There are many colors to choose from and you can go with either linen or a paper table cloth.

baptism-decorations-party-suppliesTableware: You can find a coordinating set of paper plates and napkins to brighten up the table, along with a colorful set of cutlery.

It gives you the opportunity to serve your guests delicious food and cake on adorable baptism themed tableware.

Tableware is available in a set consisting of luncheon plates, dessert plates, hot/cold cups, luncheon napkins, plastic cutlery, and a tablecloth.

Baptism Party Favors

Baptism favors are a form of baptism decorations that add charm and are a lovely reminder of this important event. They are available in a variety of styles and you can include a personalized tag to commemorate this special occasion.

Favors feature the following themes:


  • *Angel Baby Boy Personalized Candy Wrapper
  • *Angel Baby Girl Personalized Candy Wrapper
  • Angel Soap
  • Blue Baby Bootie Candle
  • *Blue Baby Feet Soap
  • Blue Cross Votive
  • *Bookmark
  • Candle Tins
  • Crystal Angel
  • Crystal Baby Bootie
  • Crystal Cross Key Chain
  • Crystal Pacifier (gift box is available in pink or blue)
  • Cross Cookie Cutter
  • *Lavender Baby Sachet
  • *Lip Balm
  • Pink Baby Bootie Candle
  • *Pink Baby Feet Soap
  • Pink Cross Votive
  • *Photo Frame
  • *Photo Mint Tins (featuring a photo of your little one on the lid)
  • *Polka Dot Round Soap
  • *Shea Body Butter
  • *Shower Gel
  • Silver Cross Votive
  • *Votive Candle

*Item may be personalized with your baby’s name and the date of the baptism.

baptism-decorations-gift-basketBaptism Gift Ideas

  • Angel Boy Baptism Gift Basket
  • Angel Girl Baptism Gift Basket
  • Baby Keepsake Album (from birth to baptism)
  • God Bless This Boy Gift Basket
  • God’s Gift Frame
  • Handprint and Footprint Plaster Kit (available in pink or blue)
  • Mini Bible Keepsake
  • Photo Album with Cross
  • Silver Cross
  • Silver Plate Birth Certificate Holder
  • Sweet Feet Candy Bouquet (available pink or blue)
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