Garden Party Decorations

An outdoor party, flush with eye-catching garden party decorations, is a fabulous way to celebrate in style with cherished family and friends.

Lush greenery and fresh flowers, along with an elegant dose of decor creates a special type of ambience that will make it an unforgettable experience for all.

There are many things you can do to make this bash memorable.

By incorporating the right decor, lighting, table decorations, flowers, and outdoor accessories, you will have a beautifully and tastefully decorated garden party.


Since garden parties merit special types of garden party decorations, a gazebo adds a splash of romance and interest to the overall garden setting.

If you don’t have a gazebo, but are interested in temporarily acquiring one, you may want to consider renting it.

Gazebo Decorating Ideas: You can dress up a gazebo using fresh floral arrangements that can be secured to each post, along with a decorative bow or ribbon.

To further soften the look, tulle can be used to adorn the entire area above the posts. For lighting, you can hang icicle lights around the gazebo below the roof top or place Christmas lights within the tulle. This will make for a spectacular display, especially during the evening hours.

garden-party-decorations-brookfield-arborGarden Arch

Another idea for garden party decorations is to rent a garden arch and use it as a special way to welcome guests into your garden.

It can be decorated with fresh flowers or faux vines to mimic crawling vines.

Fresh flowers add fragrance, color, and beauty to the arch and will help it blend in with the rest of the garden.

Also, string lighting can be intertwined within the flowers and arch for that extra decorative touch.


A great way to shelter your guests from the sun, rain, and wind is by having a canopy or a tent. You can rent either one of these, along with carpeting, portable flooring, fans, heaters, and lighting. This is a great backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate and makes for a fabulous outdoor setting.


Lighting adds a magical touch of romance and beauty to garden party decorations.

The combination of the lighting, flowers, table decorations, and other accessories all work in unison to create a fabulous ambience.

There are different lighting options for you to consider, which are listed below.

Lighting Ideas

Candles: You can incorporate candles within lanterns and votive candleholders into your garden party decorations and place them on the tabletops or use them throughout the garden. Also, the use of floating candles add twinkle to a pond or swimming pool. You can also place tea candles inside mason jars and use those to light up a particular area within the garden or to create pathway lighting. Another way to create pathway lighting is by using luminaries.

garden-party-decorations-scroll-solar-lightSolar Lighting: A lovely way to dazzle your garden party decorations is by using a solar lighting projection lantern that has an etched pattern on the glass that projects lovely swirls.

You can also hang multi-colored solar paper lanterns on trees or on the pergola for color variation.

String Lighting:
String lighting can be strung in a few trees, around the deck, and fence posts and looks absolutely beautiful when lit.

You Can Choose from the Following Candle Lanterns

Antique Pinecone Lanterns: These antique pinecone lanterns feature stylish details, such as, a twisted metal handle, balled feet, and a pinecone design. It is coated in a rich antique copper finish and comes in a rippled glass case.

Antique Star Lanterns: Antique star lanterns feature star shapes, curved handles, balled feet, and add a rustic and stylish finish to your garden party decorations. These lanterns are skillfully crafted of quality metal and clear glass.

Architectural Lanterns: You can find architectural lanterns that resemble miniature English summerhouses and chapels. They are intricately handcrafted of metal and textured glass, and require the use of tea lights.

Bird Nesting Lanterns: Bird nesting lanterns have an appealing style because of its fine details consisting of balled feet, twisted handles, and bird accents. The glass shades are richly colored and deeply embossed, which create a grand lighting effect. The antique bronze finish helps complete the look.

garden-party-decorations-pagoda-garden-lanternFleur de Lis Lanterns: Fleur de lis lanterns feature a scrolled metal design and fleur de lis shapes on the top and on the shade.

This will draw interest to your garden because of its exquisite beauty.

It is coated in a smooth, rustic iron finish, and the textured glass shade casts a shimmery glow when the lantern is lit.

Pagoda Lanterns: Pagoda lanterns offer a unique style and vintage look.

It features textured glass and an antique finish consisting of a rusty desert sand finish, along with black edging, and scrolled metal details. It’s these fine details that make this lantern one of a kind.

Shell Lanterns: Shell lanterns have a distressed finish and charming shell shape on top. The shade features frosted details and its smooth white finish gives it a vintage look.

To Help Control Bugs, Flies, and Other Pests: Try to spray the garden area for insects a few hours before guests arrive. Another idea is to use Citronella candle pots to help keep the insects way.

Table Decor

Tablecloth: A typical color choice for the tablecloth in garden party decorations is classic white.

garden-party-decorations-white-round-tableclothsYou can layer the tablecloth using a printed pattern, such as, a floral print. This adds beauty and interest to the table.

Other nice choices include solid colors, such as, lavender, blue, and yellow.

You can also opt for a Provençal print tablecloth, which looks absolutely lovely.

Dinnerware/Napkins/Place Mats/Cutlery: For the table, you may want to consider choosing a floral print pattern for the plates, napkins, place mats, along with a solid color for the cutlery.

If you are not interested in a floral print, a solid color will coordinate just as nicely. The reasoning behind the floral print is to further incorporate decor that reflects the garden.

garden-party-decorations-resin-wine-cork-placecard-holdersPlace Card Holders: You can choose from an assortment of place card holders, which includes the following:

  • Butterfly
  • Cork
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Island Seashell
  • Maple Leaf
  • Mini Faux Topiary Plant
  • Pineapple
  • Tropical Drink
  • Tile Design
  • Vines

They bring engaging charm to your table and look lovely, especially next to a bottle of wine and the shimmering candlelight.

garden-party-decorations-white-lily-artificial-silk-floweres-bouquetIncorporate Flowers into the Table Decor

Since flowers capture the whimsy of garden surroundings, they make an excellent choice for decorating your tabletop.

One idea is to place several white tulips inside a clear glass vase and decorate each tabletop with these beautiful flowers.

You can also use other flowers, such as, calla lilies, white carnations, white orchids, and white roses.

Other nice flower choices for garden party decorations include, sunflowers, red and yellow tulips, orange snapdragons, fuschia stock, purple lisianthus, and Israeli ruscus. This fabulous assortment creates a kaleidoscope of colors.

Another idea is to place marble accents in the color of your choice at the base of the vase and include faux flowers of your choice. This combination looks absolutely gorgeous.

garden-party-decorations-led-lighted-beverage-tubDecorate the Chairs

You can dress up the chairs by using tulle and tying a bow in the back of the chair.

Top it off with a colorful faux flower for that lovely effect.

Outdoor Accessories

Beverage Tub: A beverage tub and stand is an elegant replacement for the standard caterer’s table.

The tub supports wine, beer, and soft drinks for your guests’ convenience.

You can find beverage tubs that are crafted from cast aluminum and come in an espresso bronze finish.

garden-party-decorations-corona-fire-pitFire Pit: A fire pit adds elegance to a garden party and makes a great conversation piece.

Some fire pits feature a beautiful marble top, sturdy wrought iron, and a mahogany finish base.

There’s something cozy about sitting next to a fire pit on a lovely evening and listening to the flames crackling. This further adds to the ambience.

Patio Heater: A patio heater is perfect for a garden party when cooler weather arrives.

You can find these in a commercial quality with 40,000-BTU heat output that keeps a 15′ radius toasty warm. It has an adjustable heat control, a three-piece slidable aluminum reflector that intensifies the heat, and a 20” base that rolls easily on wheels.

garden-party-decorations-bronze-windchill-misting-fanPatio Fan/Mister: A misting fan helps to dramatically reduce ambient air temperatures to provide a cooler outdoor environment.

Simply attach the unit to a regular garden hose and this commercial-quality fan channels water to a four-nozzle hub that produces a fine, cooling mist.

Decorative Outdoor Trash Can with Lift-Off Lid: You can find these in an architectural design that are durably made of limestone, fiberglass, and a resin composite.

The classical design adds functional style to your garden party because it has the detailed look of a five-star resort that will blend in beautifully with your outdoor decor.

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