Grape Wall Decor

For wine connoisseurs, grape wall decor is a vivid and fabulous way to welcome what is a treasured passion into your home. Grape wall decor is not just for wine lovers, but also for people who appreciate the beauty and fruity taste of grapes.

Imagine adorning your walls with luscious bundles of grapes that appear very real.

You can carry the grape theme throughout your home by displaying these decorative accents in various rooms as well as in the hallway.

A bold statement will definitely be made as the lush colors and ripe bundles of green, red, purple, or white grapes bring your walls to life and captivate anyone in your home.

It is a remarkable way to make believe you are among the splendor of the vineyards in Tuscany.

Below are some ideas for inviting the true taste of wine country into your home by incorporating the magnificence of grapes.

grape-wall-decor-wall-plaquesWall Plaques: You can integrate bountiful grape wall decor plaques as a means to enhance your walls and other furnishings.

Resin Grape Plaques/Wall Art: You can find grape wall plaques in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

There are resin plaques that are made to look as if the fruit came straight from the vine.

You can find clusters of grapes in red, purple, or green colors. They can be hung as a set or as a way to complement an existing piece of art.

There are resin wall plaques available as a set that consist of wine grapes.

For instance, each plaque features a different cluster of grapes, along with the names of fine wines, such as, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay that is inscribed on scrolling banners.

Not only do these plaques look stunning, but they serve as a wonderful reminder of what your favorite wines are

grape-wall-decor-metal-grapes-square-wallIf the aforementioned grape plaque doesn’t tickle your fancy, then consider a resin wall plaque that features wine bottles with grape clusters, along with golden green leaves.

You can select from red wine, white wine, or both. This vineyard grape wall decor is a sure way to invite the outdoors into your home.

You can also find a grape wall decor art set that consists of luscious grapes, glasses, and wine decanters.

This piece of art has a metal frame that is accented with branches and grape leaves. The grape leaves are Verdi washed and the wood tone finish adds a beautiful touch to the overall art piece.


Wall Plaques with a Quote: Inspire family, guests, and yourself with a lovely grape wall plaque that features a quote.

For instance, there is a wall plaque that has a scrolling banner that says, “Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.”

The plaque has a gently aged appearance and is accented with clusters of plump and juicy grapes.

Another example of a wall plaque with a quote is one that reads, “In Wine There is Truth.” This plaque can also be found in the Latin phrase, which is, “In Vino Veritas.”

This is one of the most recognized adages, which suggests that people are more likely to reveal what’s truly on their mind when under the influence of alcohol.

grape-wall-decor-la-dolce-vitaOther grape wall decor plaques feature the following quotes:

  • Salute! (To Your Health!)
  • Mangia! (Eat!)
  • Buon Appetito (Good Appetite)
  • Cucina (Kitchen)
  • La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)
  • God Only Made Water, Man Made Wine
  • La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful)

The beauty about these grape wall plaques is that they are artistically sculpted in a three-dimensional style and adorned with lush grapevines.

They are also hand-painted in rich harvest colors and make a wonderful addition to a wall in the wine cellar, dining room, or kitchen. Also, they can be hung over a doorway or as a way to accent a piece of art.

Decorative Plate Set: A decorative four-piece grape plate set that is accented with tasty fruits of the vine will add splendor to your walls.

These ceramic pieces have a crackled finish with grape decals that are bathed in rich brown borders and embellished with golden leaves.

The ripe bundles of green, red, purple, and white grapes add an incredible array of colors to your grape wall decor.

Tapestry: Tapestries add a feeling of traditional elegance to any room, especially those that feature grapes in vivid colors of burgundy reds, deep golds, and a range of brown colors.

grape-wall-decor-vase-and-grapes-tapestryYou can also find Jacquard woven tapestries that depict a classical urn with an assortment of hanging luscious grapes, along with a violin and a rich gold border.

It brings an air of sophistication to any room because of the exceptionally intricate details.

A tapestry makes a wonderful complement to your grape wall themed decor and is perfect for display in an entry hall, open staircase, dining room, or entertainment area.

You will fall in love with these decorative tapestries because the still art life features rich natural colors that are spectacular.

It is a great way to transform your wall into a work of art while making a dramatic impression.

You can hang it on a tapestry rod and accent the ends of the rod with delicately hand painted finials, which are available in a variety of finishes that complement the tapestry.


Wall Clock: What better way to include grape wall decor into your home than by proudly displaying a wall clock that is adorned with important words to live by, such as, “Live Love Laugh.”

The clock is designed with a scrolling banner, along with luscious grape bundles, and Roman numerals that contain coppery highlights. The gently aged finish coupled with the creamy neutral background makes an incredible combination.

Wall Shelf: If you have precious items that you would like to display, a wall shelf that has an aged stone finish, along with bountiful grapes and a coiled tendril in a spiral pattern will make a bold statement.

This wall shelf will look fabulous in the hallway, living room, or kitchen nook area.

Wall Wine Rack: Storage space is sometimes hard to come by and a great alternative to storing wine is by placing it on a hanging wall wine rack that features clusters of burgundy grapes and soft shimmering leaves. This metal accent also has a beautiful bronze finish. The wall wine rack can be used as a vertical or horizontal holder and each rack holds four of your favorite wines.

Wall Mural/ Trompe l’oeil: Another creative way of expressing yourself is by painting a wall mural. You can have a muralist design a lovely mural consisting of the Italian countryside, the rolling hills of Tuscany, clusters of a different variety of grapes, vines, as well as architectural elements, such as columns, windows, and doors.

You can also have the muralist design a trompe l’oeil, which is French for “to trick the eye.” This is a painting technique that creates the illusion of a three dimensional area through the use of shadows.

It tricks a person into believing that the setting is actually real and makes an incredibly beautiful statement.

Message Board: A great way to display important messages is through the use of a decorative grape magnetic message board.

You can find one that is made from resin and features an aged scrolled sheet of paper that is embellished with grape clusters and vines. It also comes with three magnets.

Not only will this add beauty to your home, but it will help you stay organized.

grape-wall-decor-switch-plateDoor Topper: Adorn the top of your door with a grape door topper. This realistic resin door topper features bundles of ripe looking grapes that hang from a vine. It also looks perfect over a framed art piece or window frame.

Switch Plate Covers: Add a splash of life to your light switches by incorporating switch plates that feature burgundy and purple grapes.

These switch plates are handcrafted, hand painted, and are available as a single or double switch.

The green leaves complement the grapes because of the shiny merlot highlights. It’s a fabulous way to dress up those dull switch plates.

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