Laundry Room Decorating

Few people think about laundry room decorating, instead thinking a laundry room isn’t an exciting room to look at.

We only spend enough time in there to put clothes in the washer and take clothes out of the dryer.

Most people wouldn’t think to decorate laundry room spaces in the house because it’s not like we sleep there or entertain guests in that room.

Despite this, even laundry rooms deserve some attention because, after all, they are part of our home.

You will be amazed at the choices available for laundry room decorating.

If you have grown tired of a drab laundry room and are ready to give it a mini makeover then consider the following fun ideas.

Who knows, with a new laundry room look, it may inspire you to do laundry more often.

laundry-room-decor-kitten-on-a-clothes-line-art-framedWall Color

A great way to add color to your laundry room decorating is by accenting one wall.

This eliminates the hassle of moving the washer and dryer out of the way.

A great laundry room color is a soft green because green is a primary color and is considered a cool color.

Green brings to mind images of water, grass, and plants.

If you are uncomfortable with this color and are aiming to make sure the colors from the area preceding the laundry room flow, then consider selecting various paint samples of colors you like from your local paint store.

This will give you the opportunity to paint several samples on the wall and decide which color best suits your laundry room.

If you prefer to leave the wall as is, you can add a laundry room wall border around the entire room. The wall border is placed in the area of the wall closest to the ceiling. There are wall borders with laundry room designs, such as clothes hanging on a clothes line.

This adds a very nice touch to the wall and enhances the overall look of the room. See Home Decorating Colors for more.

laundry-room-decor-busy-day-in-dollville-artWall Decor

For laundry room wall decor, you have the following choices:

Art Prints: There are lovely art prints to choose from. Some have a picture of an iron, an ironing board, a clothes line with a clothes pin, clothes pins stacked vertically and horizontally, a dress form, a laundry basket, and a framed print that has a long list of laundry room rules.

Hooks for Framed Prints: Hang your laundry room art prints with decorative hooks.

These hooks add a special decorative touch to the print as well as to the wall. The hooks designs available consist of fleur de lis, a filigree monogram, and crown hooks just to name a few.

Vintage Wall Art: Another type of art that can be displayed in laundry room decorating is vintage wall art. There are beautiful vintage laundry themes, such as, the Ivory Soap Girl and Soap and Washer Signs consisting of nostalgic advertisement for powdered soap and early washing machines.

The Soap and Washer signs are made from wood and have metal hangers attached for easy hanging. Furthermore, these signs are manufactured with a distressed look to give it the appearance of being aged and weathered.

laundry-room-decor-where-it-all-comes-out-in-the-wash-signSigns with Quotes: Other ways to spruce up your laundry room walls is by hanging wooden signs that have quotes.

You can have these signs custom made in a variety of colors and fonts.

Some signs include quotes, such as, “It all comes out in the wash,” “Laundry – Drop Your Pants Here,” “Drop Your Drawers Here,” “Not Responsible for Lost Socks.”

This is a cute way to make a statement while adding your own personal touches to your laundry room decorating.

Other Ideas for Laundry Room Decorations

Decorative Laundry Room Wall Shelf: Add a lovely wall shelf consisting of a nostalgic design on your wall. These come with the word, “Laundry” painted on them and are available in distressed wood and in an ivory cream color. It makes for a great surface to display laundry room accessories.

Clothes Line Wall Display: You can find a miniature version of a clothes line complete with a thin rope, doll clothes, and small clothes pins.

The end of each rope is looped, which makes it easy to hang. It makes for a beautiful and decorative display in your laundry room.laundry-room-decor-laundry-room-vinyl-lettering

Laundry Room Wall Lettering

Vinyl Lettering: Dress up your laundry room wall with a vinyl lettering quote. It is easy to apply and it gives you the option of not dealing with putting nails in your wall.

Vinyl lettering comes in an adhesive application. Simply decide on your favorite quote, choose the color, font, and size of your lettering.

Stencil Your Quote: Another way to add a quote to your laundry room wall is by doing a stencil. You can have the stenciled quote custom made and then decide on the ideal paint color to finish the job. It’s a fun and creative project to undertake.

Other Lettering: You can also find hand carved lettering that spells out “Laundry” for your room. It will look fabulous displayed on a shelf.

Plaque(s): Other great wall decor includes hanging a large safety pin plaque or a clothes pin plaque above a laundry sign to accent it.

Another idea is to hang a decorative washboard. You can find them made of wood with a metal washboard center. It hangs by the wire hanger and comes in burgundy, brown, and ivory colors. It is very country and adorable.laundry-room-decor-keystone-wringer-vintage-laundry-sign

Laundry Room Decorating Accessories

Laundry Room Wall Clock: Clocks are also available with a laundry room decorating theme.

There’s a clock that will definitely brighten your laundry room because it is shaped like a dustpan and is accompanied by two accents, which is a colorful washboard with a bucket and a dustpan brush.

Another clock that is available is one in a vintage hand-painted style. It is designed with a washboard, wash tub, iron, and a laundry sign that reads, “Laundry – Same Day Service – Do It Yourself.”

Drying Rack: If you feel that the wall is missing another item, consider mounting a drying rack.

Not only are drying racks decorative, but are functional since they hold hand washed delicates, wet socks, and damp undergarments. They are available in solid pine with water resistant paint consisting of an antique cream finish. The medium drying rack includes one tip-out rack, along with seven rungs while the small drying rack has one tip-out rack with four rungs.

Decorative Laundry Room Items for Display

Detergent Tin: This is the perfect accessory for laundry room decorating because it gives the room a vintage look while offering much needed storage.

Wash Tub and Washboard Set: This makes a fabulous accent for the laundry room. It is made of wood and has two metal wash tubs that are easily removable.

Laundry Room Bathbox Set: These paper mache boxes are painted with vintage labels and look lovely when stacked together.

Another great feature is that the lids are removable so you can tuck items you want to keep out of sight.

Decorative Laundry Basket: To further complete the look of your laundry room, consider displaying a country style laundry basket that looks like it is filled with clothes, linens, and a laundry soap box.

This will look fabulous adorning your shelf or counter in the laundry room.

laundry-room-decor-tilt-out-hamperDecorative Laundry Room Hamper: Store that dirty laundry in a decorative laundry room hamper.

There are some that are designed with lovely floral details and come with a vinyl liner, a wooden stand, and side handles to allow for easily removal of laundry from the hamper.

This will add beauty to your laundry room.

Faux Plant: If you have room above your laundry room cabinets, then consider adding a faux plant.

Plants help liven up the room while adding a splash of color.

There are many faux silk plants and decorative pots to choose from and you never have to worry about watering them.

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