Outdoor Easter Decorations

It is a shame that outdoor Easter decorations get so overlooked. When we think of Easter, adorable bunnies, colored eggs, and sumptuous chocolate comes to mind.

However, there is more to Easter than just bunnies and sweet treats.

It is one of the most important religious events for Christians as well as for non-Christians.

Christians celebrate their belief that Jesus rose from the dead three days after being crucified.

It is the culmination of events during the Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday, which represents the return of Jesus to Jerusalem.

While Holy Thursday honors the Last Supper of Christ, Good Friday remembers the crucifixion of Jesus, and Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection after death.

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-bunny-egg-lighted-inflatable-yard-decorSince 325 AD, the Easter date has been calculated with it falling on the first Sunday on or following the spring Equinox after the full moon.

The word, “Easter” is derived from “Eostre” who was an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess.

This goddess symbolized rebirth of the day at dawn and the rebirth of life in the springtime. Before the religious meaning became associated with Easter, the arrival of springtime was celebrated all over the world.

As far back as ancient times, many cultures associated eggs with the universe and eggs were used in spring festivals to represent the rebirth of life. Later with Christianity, the egg began to symbolize the rebirth of man instead of nature.

outdoor-easter-decorations-vintage-style-easter-egg-garden-yardstickThe Romans, Gauls, Persians, and the Chinese participated in dying, decorating, and painting eggs.

There is the existence of a Polish folktale that tells of the Virgin Mary handing eggs to soldiers at the cross as she pleaded with them to be merciful.

As her tears fell, they splashed droplets on the eggs, which created a myriad of colors.

With regards to the Easter bunny, it is simply a fluffy rabbit that hides eggs for children to hunt on Easter. Although the origin of the Easter rabbit is not clear, the rabbit symbolized fertility in the rites of spring. In 1682, a German book was published that contains a tale of a bunny laying eggs and hiding them in the garden for children to find.

The Easter basket appears to have roots in Catholic tradition. It was customary to bring baskets filled with breads, cheeses, hams, and other foods for Easter dinner to mass on Easter morning to be blessed. Over time, this custom evolved to baskets filled with an assortment of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, toys, and stuffed bunnies for children.

Today, an Easter celebration consists of lamb, ham, or fish, along with vegetables, potatoes, and special breads. However, no celebration is complete without the right type of decor to help set the mood. One of the most important things of consideration for hosting Easter is the decor.

Since it takes place in the lovely springtime, some families prefer to host it outdoors. An outdoor celebration has its advantages since there’s a wonderful array of outdoor Easter decorations to choose from that is sure to make this important event festive, inviting, and lovely.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Front Door Decorations

Since the front door is one of the first things guests see when they arrive, it is important to dress it up for the occasion.

A decorative Easter doormat is a fabulous way to welcome guests into your home while adding a nice decorative touch.

Some doormat ideas include the following:

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-doormat-easter-eggsEaster Egg Doormat: This beautiful coir doormat makes a bright and whimsical statement for Easter.

It features colorful Easter eggs and is a lovely way to welcome guests.

Vintage Easter Card Doormat: A vintage Easter card coir doormat is a beautiful old-fashioned design that is the perfect Easter greeting. It is truly nostalgic.

Easter Garland Doormat: An Easter garland doormat features soft pastel eggs and ribbon garland. This is a fantastic way to partake in the Easter spirit.

Other front door outdoor Easter decorations include the following:

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-egg-candy-wreathWreath and Garland: An Easter wreath and garland will instantly transform the front door into glorious spring with its assortment of faux flowers, greenery, and hand painted eggs.

A lovely lavender bow adorns the wreath adding a touch of delicate softness.

Simply hang the wreath on the door and drape the garland over the door and notice how the combination of beautiful colors breathes new life into your outdoor Easter decor.

Easter Tree: Hang an Easter tree on your front door as a fabulous alternative to a wreath.

It is approximately 19” and features 35 spectacular colorful eggs, along with shiny beads that cover the tree from top to bottom.

Also, flowers and grass peek through and the white bow on the pot makes the perfect accent. It has a back hanger for easy hanging.

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-garden-flag-got-chocolateFlag: A flag is a great way for outdoor Easter decorations to greet guests in style. There is one that says, “Happy Easter” on it and the embroidered and appliquéd flag brings extra Easter cheer.

Most flags are made from polyester material.

Outdoor Easter Bunnies: This soft pair of plush chenille bunnies look adorable attired in their glitter dusted costumes.

The male bunny has feet that are weighted to prevent him from toppling over while the female bunny comfortably sits on a decorative wooden chair.

Display near the front door for a lovely effect.

Outdoor Easter decorations for the fence include the following:

outdoor-easter-decorations-vintage-style-easter-chicks-signVintage Easter Signs: Vintage Easter wood cutout signs are hand painted and handcrafted composite signs that drew inspiration from vintage postcards.

One sign features a bunny in an egg balloon while another sign features colorful Easter eggs or an Easter bunny.

They are the perfect touch for a lonely fence.

Easter Banner: Spruce up your fence with an Easter banner. The banner proudly displays brightly colored Easter eggs and is a playful way to announce that Easter is here.

Front Lawn/Garden Decorations include the following:

Bunny Planter: Welcome a bunny planter into your garden for Easter. It features a darling rabbit that is carrying an empty basket perfect for filling with plants or treats and the brim of the hat can be used to dispense birdseed. The planter will look lovely nestled among springtime blossoms.

outdoor-easter-decorations-hare-jack-rabbit-bunny-statueBunny Statues: Display an individual hare or a handsome pair dressed in their Sunday best.

Mr. Rabbit is holding a fresh-picked bouquet as a sweet surprise for Mrs. Rabbit. Display them near a rose bush or other garden flowers.

Bunny Stepping Stones: Decorate a path using mosaic-style stones that feature mom with baby rabbits.

It is a fun garden accent that will add interest and beauty.

Bunny Topiary: This Easter, wow your guests with a dash of greenery shaped like a bunny. A bunny topiary makes a fabulous outdoor Easter decoration. The topiaries come in different sizes and can be filled with a shrub or moss.

Hydrangea Bunnies: These adorable hares bring a touch of springtime magic.

They are crafted of paper, polyfoam, and ribbon trim, and are available in a small or large size.

outdoor-easter-decorations-happy-easter-signHappy Easter Sign: This antiqued pressed wood sign breathes a sweet vintage air.

The Easter egg and cottontail add a dose of charm and character. It measures 31 ½”w x 23”h.

Inflatable Easter Bunny: An inflatable Easter bunny is perfect for an Easter gathering. With an Easter egg in hand, this adorable inflatable bunny will add some hop to your outdoor decor.

Yard Plaque: Display a delightful “Happy Easter” yard plaque as a means to welcome guests. The plaque is hand painted resin and comes with a metal post for easy staking.

Yard Stakes: Add bunny yard stakes to your lawn for egg-stra-special decor.

Mr. Bunny is holding a colorful Easter egg while Mrs. Bunny is holding a basket of eggs.

outdoor-easter-decorations-multicolor-paper-lantern-string-lightsHanging Easter Egg Paper Lanterns: A unique way to add Easter flair is by hanging Easter egg paper lanterns in your garden.

The lanterns feature eggs that are painted in vivid colors, such as yellow, blue, pink, orange, and green.

They fold flat for storage and measure 11” x 15”.

Lighted Egg Garland: These life-sized Easter eggs come in pink, yellow, and purple colors and are accented with sparkled berries, flowers, and leaves. Use a strand of garland to decorate a fence for added Easter cheer. The strand measures 6’4” and the eggs measure 2 ½” H.

Setting the Perfect Easter Table

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-egg-scatters-hurricane-setTable Decorations

Enhance your outdoor Easter decorations experience by setting the perfect table replete with a charming variety of decor.

It is small details, such as including a lovely tablecloth, along with an assortment of delightful accessories that go a long way in making this Easter an unforgettable gathering.

Tablecloth/Napkins: For the tablecloth, you may opt for pastel colors, such as yellow, lavender, blue, or pink.

Another idea is to cover your table using a lovely Easter themed tablecloth in an aqua color that features floral and Easter egg embroidery. For the napkins, you may coordinate with matching napkins or incorporate pastel colors of your choice for added variety.

Easter Egg Placemats: Bring a touch of spring to your Easter table by including colorful handcrafted placemats in vibrant shades of pink, green, blue and yellow.

These quilted beauties will make a lovely statement.

Dinnerware: Delight your guests with exquisite ceramic dinnerware and serving pieces adorned with green spring bunnies that appear to be happily hopping about a garden setting.

Bunny Salt and Pepper Set: Passing the salt and pepper will draw compliments since two adorable bunnies sit at each end of the base. The shakers are made from glass while the base is made from cast metal.

outdoor-easter-decorations-butterfly-garden-centerpieceCenterpiece for Table: There are different types of centerpieces that will perfectly complement the rest of the table decor.

For instance, you may display a handcrafted vine basket consisting of natural vines and surrounded by lifelike, faux foliage.

Another centerpiece idea consists of a spectacular floral arrangement that is comprised of fresh flowers, such as peach roses, pink larkspur, yellow and white blossoms all nestled in a hand-woven basket.

The idea is to combine pastel colors that are reminiscent of spring.

A floral arrangement carries the outdoor theme onto the table.

One other outdoor Easter decoration centerpiece favorite is something that can be used year after year and that is displaying a beautiful Easter egg wreath and basket flanked by Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. The dainty blossoms and non-edible chocolate colored eggs give the effect that spring is in full bloom and that the sweetness of Easter is here.

You may fill the basket with your selection of luscious treats.

The rabbits are hand detailed and their baskets contain faux jellybeans and grass.

outdoor-easter-decorations-easter-egg-confettiEaster Egg Confetti: Sprinkle colorful confetti shaped like Easter eggs around your tabletop for a lovely effect.

It will add a hint of shimmer and color.

Place Card Holders: Make your guests feel extra special by using place card holders that feature miniature bunnies and decorated eggs.

The place card holders are hand painted resin and measure 2”’w, 3”’d, 4 3/4’”h. This is a great way to announce each seating place in style.

Dessert Table Decorations

Impress your guests by setting up a small table exclusively used to showcase dessert and other delectable treats.

You may coordinate with the tablecloth on the main table or opt for a different color.

Easter Dessert Stand: A great item for the dessert table is to display an Easter dessert stand that is available in either a one or two tier.

This is perfect for cupcakes, petit fours, cookies, and cake.

outdoor-easter-decorations-bunny-candy-dishEaster Candy Dish: An Easter dessert table wouldn’t be complete without a candy dish. This candy dish features a leaping bunny, Easter egg, and two chicks.

It’s perfect for holding jelly beans or chocolate Easter eggs.

Bunny Jars: Another lovely item perfect for the dessert table are jars that have charming lop-eared hares presiding over ribbed glass jars.

Fill them with candies or any other tempting treat.

Fuzzy Chick Figurines: Faux fuzzy chicks complete the look of your dessert table and come complete with feathers for a realistic look.

These soft fluffy chicks will make a fabulous table accent.

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