Pineapple Decor

Throughout history, the pineapple and pineapple decor have been associated with hospitality because of their exotic characteristics and rareness.

It wasn’t until the 17th century that American colonists began importing the pineapple from the Caribbean.

Since the trade routes between America and the Caribbean Islands were slow and dangerous, it was regarded as a significant achievement whenever a host obtained a ripe pineapple for guests.

Interestingly enough, there were stories of New England sea captains that would place a pineapple outside their home upon their arrival from trade routes in the Caribbean or Pacific as a symbol of safe return.

The idea of pineapple decor being associated with making guests feel welcome continued, and was frequently used in the 18th and 19th centuries to decorate bed posts, tablecloths, and napkins.

Today, the pineapple continues to be regarded as a welcoming symbol for the hospitality industry and is widely used in home decor.

I will give you some pineapple decor ideas to help you on your journey in making your home feel inviting for family and guests.

There are a variety of pineapple decor products to choose from. You can choose from wall decor, furniture, lighting, rugs, window treatments, and a nice selection of accessories.

Pineapple Art: You can find beautiful pieces of art that feature pineapple.

Some of the pieces have images of the pineapple by itself as well as in combination with other luscious fruits, people, and animals.

It makes a stunning statement in your home with its vivid yellow and green colors as it invites the outdoors inside.

You can choose from oil on canvas, glicees, framed art prints, and wood mounted prints.

These are available in different heights and widths, as well as mats and frames.

Pineapple Plaques: There are various lovely pineapple decor plaques to choose from, and they come in different sizes and colors.

For instance, there is a pineapple welcome plaque that has an amber yellow pineapple with a faux stone finish. It is made from resin and comes with a metal chain for easy hanging. This is definitely a wonderful way to greet visitors with unique pineapple decor.

Another fabulous item consists of a set of plaques that can be displayed on wooden easels. They are faux stone tiles made from resin and make a great companion to other pineapple decor. You can opt to display them on the easel or hang them. It’s a marvelous way to welcome the tropics into your home.

pineapple-decor-pineapple-urn-tapestryPineapple Tapestry: Displaying a pineapple tapestry in your home makes an elegant impression.

Very fine wool yarns are worked into the tightest stitches, which creates the fullest details.

The result is an exquisite work of art, which is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come. You can hang this beautiful tapestry on a rod and accent each end of the rod with decorative finials.

Pineapple Wrought Iron Wall Grille: Another fabulous art piece is a pineapple wrought iron wall grille. This piece of art is multi-dimensional and finished in a lovely patina color. It’s one more way to welcome art into your home.

Pineapple Wall Border/Wallpaper: You can add a wall border around the top part of your wall that features pineapples. Wall borders are an inexpensive way to decorate and they are easy to hang.

You can also hang wallpaper that has images of pineapples, along with a colorful background. There are many different colors to choose from and this will brighten your room while enhancing the art, furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories.

Pineapple Furniture: Pineapple decor and furniture are inspired by an island lifestyle. This style gives your home the feel of an elegant retreat with a laid back and sophisticated twist.

The furniture features clean lines, along with carved pineapples and decorative overlays.

You can find furniture that has pineapple motifs, such as bar stools, a kitchen/dining room table and chairs, a console table, side chest, bakers’ rack, and a bedroom set.

This is an exotic way to bring luxurious island living into your home.


Pineapple Lighting: Lighting helps set the mood for any room. You can incorporate a pineapple chandelier that features crystal pineapples in the center. The polished brass curvatures complement the pineapples and bring a sense of style to any room.
You can also include an elegant pineapple table lamp that is accented with beadwork, stones, and crystals. The lamp shade matches the beads and the arm design is scrolling. It is a striking table lamp that gleams with beauty.

Pineapple Ceiling Fan Pulls: If you want to add a personal touch to your ceiling fan, consider a pineapple decorative pull chain.

It is an often ignored detail that makes a difference in the overall look of your fan and room. There is a pull chain that features a polished brass pineapple, along with a twelve inch beaded pull chain.


Pineapple Rugs: To help tie the other pineapple decor elements together, consider an exotic rug that has vibrant colors and pineapple motifs.

It is a wonderful way to add warmth and color to a room.

Pineapple Window Treatments/Curtain Rods/Finials: Consider dressing up those windows with window treatments that have a pineapple design.

You can find window treatments in a panel or valance.

There are lovely curtain rods and finials that have a pineapple design carved in it.

This complements the window treatments as well as the rest of the accessories in the room.

Pineapple Accessories: Even though we have the other elements present, such as art, furniture, lighting, rugs, and window treatments, it makes a dramatic difference when we include other accessories. Below are some accessories to consider.

Pineapple Book Ends: A good way to keep your books organized while adding a decorative touch is through the use of pineapple book ends. These have vivid details of pineapples and are made from resin.

pineapple-decor-pineapple-candle-holdersPineapple Candle Holders: Create a tropical setting in your dining room with pineapple candle holders. It is a fabulous way to make believe that you are enjoying a romantic evening at an island resort.

Pineapple Canisters: Pineapple shaped canisters that feature leaves coming from the top of the lid and a pineapple shaped finial provide additional storage space. Not only that, but they make very attractive decorative accents for the kitchen counter.

Pineapple Clock: A decorative pineapple clock brings the tropics indoors while helping you keep track of time.

It has a pineapple design and telling time has never been prettier. It might even make you start craving fresh fruit, which is always a good thing.

Pineapple Coat Hook: Coat hooks are always welcome especially when you are pressed for coat closet space.

This pineapple coat hook mounts on the wall and each hook has a pineapple design above.

pineapple-decor-crystal-pineapplePineapple Figurines (Crystal & Resin): Delicate pineapple crystal figurines look beautiful displayed in a curio or inside a glass case. The pineapple crystal figurines come in different sizes and have gold leaves on top that shimmer alongside the sparkling crystal.

You can also opt for resin figurines. This is a cheaper alternative and it looks striking because of the intricate carvings and antiqued gold finish.

Pineapple Lotion Dispenser, Tumbler, Wastebasket: Some bathroom accessories include a pineapple lotion dispenser, tumbler, and wastebasket. This helps you continue the pineapple theme into the bathroom.

Sometimes bathrooms get neglected, but it’s as simple as incorporating a few accessories to give it a new look.

Pineapple Mirror: Mirrors are always welcome in any home since they help give the impression of a bigger space. There are lovely mirrors to choose from. In particular, there is a beveled mirror that has an elaborately carved pineapple design. This will make an impressive statement in a foyer or above a console table.

Pineapple Over Door Topper: A fabulous way to give your entrance a hospitable feel is by displaying a pineapple over door topper.

Most are made from a resin and wood composite and it adds so much beauty to the area above the door.


Pineapple Picture Frames: Pineapple picture frames are a great way to transform a room or a shelf.

It’s also a fun way to display your treasured photos.

Pineapple Switch Plate and Outlet Covers: You can further accent your walls by replacing those dull switch plate and outlet covers with covers that have a colorful pineapple design.

pineapple-decor-pineapple-paper-towel-holderPineapple Towel Holder: Add charm to any countertop with a stylish pineapple design towel holder. One towel holder in particular is pewter and looks very elegant.

Pineapple Trash Bin Cover: A great way to hide an unsightly trash can in your kitchen is by placing it inside a decorative pineapple trash bin cover. This cover features a brightly painted pineapple and has a lid that lifts for easy access.

Also, it has a drawer on the bottom perfect for storing trash bags.

Pineapple Wall Shelf: Decorative wall shelves that feature pineapples add a lot of visual appeal to your wall. You can display pictures and other knick knacks on this shelf.

As you can see, there is no shortage of excellent choices if you plan on adding pineapple decor to your home. Have fun, get creative, and make your home truly stand out from the rest of the pack.

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