Rooster Kitchen Decor

Rooster kitchen decor evokes feelings of comfort, simplicity, and the warmth of French country living, which is no wonder why it is a popular form of decorating.

For many, the rooster is an icon that adds charm and beauty anywhere in the home, especially in the kitchen.

How the Rooster Evolved into a Decorative Symbol

You may be asking yourself how this remarkable rooster became widespread. During the Middle Ages, the Gallic Rooster was used as a religious symbol that stood for hope and faith.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance period that the rooster began to be associated with the emerging French nation.

Under the Valois and the Bourbon kings, the royal image was often accompanied by the rooster that represented France in engravings and on coins.

The tradition continued, and for centuries, the Gallic Rooster has been used by folk artists to adorn ceramics and furniture.

The region of Provence, which is located in southeast France, has a rich history of arts and crafts. Amidst the warm gold, red, and blue Provencal colors and fabrics are many farm and country animals that include the rooster.

A Little Bit About the Rooster

rooster-kitchen-decorThe rooster, also known as a “cock” or “chanticleer” is a male chicken.

Since the rooster is polygamous, he is unable to guard various nests of eggs at one time.

Instead, he guards the general area where his hens are nesting and fends off other roosters that may attempt to enter his territory.

When predators are close by, he sounds a distinctive call.

At the break of dawn, the rooster crows and can often be seen sitting on fence posts or other objects. Yet, a rooster may crow during any time of the day if he looks into the sun and even on a brightly moonlit evening.

Roosters are incredibly beautiful animals that have a sense of elegance as they stand tall and strut around with their colorful feathers. They make impressive decorative items for the kitchen and are something that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Below are some ideas to help you give your kitchen a rooster decor makeover.

Rooster Kitchen Decor Accessories

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-memo-board Rooster Board (Magnetic)/Corkboard: With our busy lifestyle, it’s important to have a place to display appointment cards, reminder notes, to-do lists, and other small paperwork that you cannot afford to misplace.

You can hang a magnetic rooster board on your kitchen wall.

One in particular has a vintage look and features a handwritten invoice with an old bee and poultry phone messages.

It includes three golden rooster magnets and a ribbon hanger for ease of hanging. This item measures 10″W x 14″H.

Another alternative is to hang a corkboard that has eight lovely resin rooster pushpins.

The corkboard has a wood frame and painted in a rustic color.

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-bowlRooster Bowl: A lovely accent for your kitchen island or table is a rooster bowl.

You can find one that comes in a bronze finished resin body that is flecked with a verdigris patina. The oval lattice bowl removes for serving.

You can also use this bowl to display an assortment of faux speckled eggs.

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-canister-setRooster Canisters: Ceramic canisters not only make a nice decorative touch, but are a great way to store sugar, flour, and other necessities.

There are canisters that feature a rooster in all its colorful glory and it even has air tight seals to help preserve your stored dry goods.

Rooster Clock: A familiar decorative item in any rooster kitchen decor is a rooster clock.

You can find an aged looking clock that has rich classic details, with a heavily distressed chestnut brown finish and accented with burnished black and light walnut brown.

Rooster Dinner Bell: Dinner bells bring to mind images of dining in the country side where it’s a must have in order to round up the crew. This fabulous rooster dinner bell will make a superb addition to your kitchen wall. Most of these dinner bells feature a cast iron rooster perched on top of the bell.

Rooster Napkin Holder: If your napkin holder looks a bit dull, then consider a rooster napkin holder to spice things up. There are many to choose from. One in particular features a rooster on each side and comes in a pewter finish.

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-paper-towel-holderRooster Paper Towel Holder: Paper towel holders aren’t very exciting to look at, but you can find them in a rooster theme.

Among the lovely paper towel holders available are ones that feature a rooster elegantly perched on a mélange of fruit and nuts.

It is made from resin. The base has a textured stone background while the rooster is finished in copper with a Verdi wash.

Rooster Placemats: A colorful way to dress up your table is with rooster placemats.

You can find them made from cotton and polyester, with each placemat featuring a different rooster, along with a decorative border of daisies and dots.

The background consists of burgundy or green colors.

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-perpetual-calendarRooster Perpetual Calendar: Keep track of your busy schedule with a charming handcrafted calendar.

Simply use the magnetic tiles to rearrange the days and a piece of chalk to write down important appointments and dates.

Rooster Pot Rack: An air of enchantment will fill your kitchen with a rooster pot rack.

You can find one that is constructed from wrought iron and finished in a rich ebony color, which defines the graceful arms and lovely roosters.

It is a dramatic way to invite charm while having a place to store your prized pots and pans.

Rooster Kitchen Rug: Add a welcoming touch to your rooster kitchen decor with a cheerful rooster kitchen rug. There’s a lovely kitchen rug that displays a rooster in the center for that warm country feel, along with French script and a black background that is surrounded by a red border.

Rooster Sponge Holder: A vibrant way to store your dish sponge is by displaying a rooster sponge holder. This ceramic piece is accented with a colorful rooster that is adorned with multi-colored feathers and lovely spring flowers.

rooster-kitchen-decor-ceramic-roostersRooster Sculpture: Add a dose of charismatic charm to your kitchen counter or in the area above your cupboards with a hand-painted ceramic rooster.

It is a delightful way to welcome color into your kitchen.

Rooster Table Linens and Chair Pads: A fabulous way to adorn your kitchen table is with a cotton tablecloth that features vibrant roosters, along with a floral background.

If your chairs are lacking in color, you can dress them up with chair pads that consist of a design in which roosters are proudly posing. It is filled with down feathers for extra comfort and it’s available in a blue, red, or gold color.

Rooster Trash Bin Cover: One great way to conceal trash while enhancing your kitchen decor is by stashing it inside a hand-painted rooster motif trash bin cover. Beneath the lift top lid is an area that holds a standard size kitchen trash can. The drawer below serves as storage for trash bags.

Rooster Wall Art

Rooster Wall Plate Set: Display a set of rooster plates on your wall using a plate rack for that nice decorative touch.

You can find a rooster wall plate set that has colorful hand-painted roosters with a glaze finish.

There is a different rooster on each piece for variety and the plates come in the following background colors: light blue, green, and cream.

rooster-kitchen-decor-darby-wall-plaqueRooster Wall Plaques: Guests will feel right at home with a rooster wall plaque that says, “Welcome.”

You can find one that features a rooster perched on a mélange of grapes, leaves, apples, and nuts.

Other rooster wall plaques feature a rooster silhouette along with French script, colorful images of roosters, and a plaque in a rusty chestnut finish that has a rooster on each side, along with an intricately carved design in the center.

Rooster Furniture

Rooster Bakers Rack: A bakers rack is a great way to add beauty and charm to your rooster kitchen decor. It also provides additional and much needed storage space that can be used to hold handy kitchen items, cookbooks, wine bottles, stemware, and dinnerware. In addition, you can use it to display decorative items.

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-bar-stoolRooster Bar Stools: An exquisite addition to your kitchen is rooster bar stools that feature intricately hand-carved designs on the back.

The seats are upholstered in a patterned neutral fabric that will coordinate with most rooster kitchen decor.

Another fabulous feature is that the chairs swivel 360 degrees and the footrest provides added comfort.

Rooster Motif Side Chest: Side chests that have a rooster motif not only look lovely, but they are a great place to store dishes and other commonly used kitchen items.

Some feature one door with a shelf while others have two doors and two shelves. This will definitely add life to a lonely kitchen corner while provided additional storage space.

Rooster Window Treatments

rooster-kitchen-decor-rooster-curtains Valance/Curtains: What better complement to a window than to cover it with a lovely valance or curtains that feature a rooster print design.

There are many rooster themed valances and curtains to choose from and they come in variety of colors and designs.

Some designs have a rooster print border, along with multi-colored roosters, and accented with a brown, tan, and green plaid border.

However you decide to incorporate rooster kitchen decor into your home, be sure to always make the rooster front and center, and salute the chickens for all they do in this world!

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