Southwestern Decor

Southwestern decor and furniture, also known as Southwest decor, echo serenity and simplicity.

This decor can be Traditional or Contemporary and is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors reminiscent of the desert, canyons, and expansive Southwestern skies.

Textiles that are patterned and woven, along with clay pottery, reflect the cultures of American Indians and Mexicans.

The shades of color used in Southwestern decor make the rooms inviting.

The colors used in this type of decor can vary from a rich cactus green, yellow, turquoise, or the striking purple colors seen in a sunset.

One of the classic textiles used in Southwestern decor is a hand-woven and multicolored Mexican serape.

southwestern-decor-and-furniture-yucatan-chamois-sofaThe serape is often used as a blanket or a throw and brings texture to a room because the patterns add interest.

Other textiles used contain stripes or a geometric pattern and are used to make throw rugs and to upholster furniture.

Although some patterns may stand out too much on a sofa, the use of a neutral color with patterned pillows presents a balance.

The beauty about this style is that the materials used are influenced by nature.

The furniture is normally made with wood, such as knotty pine, and split or distressed logs can be utilized to provide extra seating in a room or placed on a wall as a rustic fireplace mantle.

southwestern-decor-and-furniture-southwestern-bull-skull-horns-wall-clockOther materials used for upholstery, rugs, or other accessories are leather, suede, cotton, or wool.

Accessories such as wall sconces and lamps made of wrought iron are typically used and enhance the home.

The hanging of colorful rugs on walls adds vividness to a room.

Also, hand painted tiles and pottery are commonly used, as well as Gecko lizards and Kokopelli that serve as motifs on rugs, wallpaper, and bedding.

The incorporation of plants, such as Cacti, adds life to a room and they come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Nature type items make great accessories. For instance, tall grass can be placed in a large glass vase to accentuate a coffee table or end table.

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