Wedding Church Decoration Tips

With all the planning involved with weddings, we could all use some wedding church decoration tips.  Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times in our life.

We want everything to be perfect down to the last minute detail, and rightfully so.

After all, it is one of the most important days that we will ever celebrate and that is why having enough information to help you properly plan a wedding is crucial.

Among the important information that is necessary includes some church decoration ideas for weddings.

There are many things you can do to further enhance an already beautiful church that will help create that magical ambience for your wedding ceremony.  It’s the perfect marriage between decorations and the church that will make your event that much more spectacular.

Wedding Church Decorations

wedding-church-decoration-tips-planning-a-wedding-to-rememberWedding church decorations are something that everyone will remember for many years to come and should reflect tradition, beauty, and timeless elegance.
Below are some ideas for wedding church decorations to help you get started.

Altar Decorations

Since the altar will be the focal point of your ceremony, consider using the most elaborate and beautiful decorations.

Flowers:  There are many ways to decorate a church altar, which includes incorporating flowers.  It’s your chance to be creative and put your own personal touches.
For instance, you can decorate the altar using classical ball shaped objects and topiary trees that are made from hundreds of white aromatic Carnations, along with displaying fresh green moss.  This theme can be continued on the floor area in front of the altar where you can display the ball shaped Carnations and moss.

wedding-church-decoration-tips-white-lilac-flowers-artificialYou can adorn the back of the altar with two clear glass vases containing white Lilac flowers.
Other ideas include displaying floral arrangements on each side of the altar consisting of daisies, tulips, carnations, orchids, and lilies.

Other lovely flowers to consider are red roses, yellow roses, or blue tipped roses arranged amidst eucalyptus and cape greens.  These floral arrangements can be set on top of a pedestal.  You can also display a beautiful assortment of these flowers in the middle of the altar as a centerpiece or surround the unity candle for a dramatic effect.

It’s this simplicity that makes an incredible statement.


Candles:  Candles provide a gentle glow of light while creating a romantic atmosphere.

You can place the unity candle along with two taper candles on top of a three in one candle stand.

Flickering LED Lights:  These lights are fabulous for illuminating a floral centerpiece.

You can find them in red, blue, green, and white LED lights.

One idea is to take a piece of tulle and scrunch it around a unity candle that is sitting on a candle stand.

Next, place a few of these tea candle lights under the tulle.  It looks beautiful and definitely gives the centerpiece that wow factor.

Aisle Runner

wedding-church-decoration-tips-elite-wedding-aisle-runnerAn aisle runner will add a splash of color to the church.

You have many colors and themes to choose from.

One idea is to color coordinate with the bride’s bouquet or the wedding color theme to give it a unified look.

You can also have an aisle runner custom made with it bearing the bride and groom’s names, along with the wedding date.

For added beauty and a nice fragrance, sprinkle rose petals along the runner.

Decorations for the General Area of the Church

Flowers:  For the general area of the church, which includes the entry way and areas surrounding the pews and altar, consider including floral arrangements.  You are not limited to fresh flowers and can also use silk flowers.

Another idea is to place a nice floral wreath arrangement on a door to spruce it up and make it more welcoming.  You can also place potted plants for added warmth and to invite the outdoors inside.

Pomander Balls:  Pomander balls make a fabulous and attractive accent for any entry way, arch, or chandelier.

You can have pomander balls made from an assortment of fresh flowers or you can use silk flowers.

They look beautiful hanging as a group and if you use fresh flowers, the fragrance is refreshing.

Balloons:  If the church where your ceremony will be held has a high ceiling, you may consider displaying a balloon arrangement to help fill the space and add beauty.  There are different balloon arrangements and colors to choose from.  It will make a nice decorative touch at the church.

Tulle:  Tulle is a beautiful, lightweight fabric that is woven into a mesh pattern and starched in order to make it stiff.

The great thing about tulle is that it is flexible, which enables you to shape it in the manner you want.  You can intertwine Christmas lights and tulle around communion rails, above a window, or over a doorway.

Wedding Church Pew Decorations

wedding-church-decoration-tips-tulle-and-ribbon-bowsThe pews play an important role in wedding church decorations and decorating each one will make an impact on the overall look of the church.

You can decorate the pews using floral bouquets, tulle, or bows.

Bows:  At the church, pew bows can be placed at each pew for added elegance.

It also makes the setting more romantic while giving you the opportunity to put your own personal touches.

Tulle:  You can wrap pieces of tulle around a small floral arrangement on each pew, which gives a continuous flow of color from the pews to the altar.

To make a pew bow using only tulle, it is recommended that you use 5-6 yards that is 12 inches wide.  If you prefer to intertwine ribbon with tulle, it is recommended that you use tulle that is 6-9 inches wide and approximately 5-6 yards long to enable you to make a nice full bow with lots of loops.

Elsewhere, we’ve written extensively on other ideas for decorating with tulle.

Another fabulous idea for decorating the pews is to incorporate Christmas lights within the tulle.  It adds romance and sparkle to your ceremony.

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