Whimsical Decor

Whimsical decor is definitely fanciful and full of imagination since pieces of furniture and decor are comprised of bright colors and unusual patterns.  The American Heritage Dictionary defines Whimsical as, “Marked by playful whim or caprice; fanciful.”

Whimsical is a fun and lively way to decorate any room in the house, especially a child’s room. It’s a great way to inspire the imagination. When you think Whimsical, you need to think about loads of color. A room decorated in this style is bathed from head to toe in different colors and patterns.

whimsical-furniture-and-decor-three-black-catsThe type of colors chosen would depend on individual taste, but bold, vibrant, and pastel colors are fabulous choices.

If possible, try to stick to the same hue of colors.

For example, if you use vibrant colors, make sure every color you choose is vivid.

Furniture pieces for children come in playful colors and themes, such as a red, blue, green, and yellow musical rocking chair, a bright red sofa sleeper with blue and yellow pillows, a bright yellow and blue sleeper with a starfish pattern, wooden storage chest in a pastel pink, bright pink and purple polka-dot table and chairs, firefighter table and chairs with a firefighter storage box and working bell, firefighter toy box bench with a unique firehouse design, a pink/gold princess bed, a brilliant red, yellow, and blue fire engine bed, a bright orange storage bench, and more.

You can even find accessories, lighting, wall art, rugs, comforters, and linens in very colorful designs and patterns.

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