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Five Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property in Serbia

Serbia is a beautiful country famous for stunning nature, and beautiful people, it offers a vibrant mix of ancient history, amazing sceneries, and miraculous natural wonders. Many Serbian places are undiscovered, the attractions of this country are waiting to satisfy anyone’s travel thirst.

Serbia has a passionate nightlife, the country is thriving with music, artists, and writers. It was considered a cheap country once, but it has developed over time and there are many places where you can buy the exclusive and luxurious properties. Here is a list of the five most expensive cities to buy property in Serbia.

  1.     Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is located in the Raska District of southwestern Serbia. This city is very famous for jeans production. There are many beautifully designed and interesting shops and numerous cultural and historical monuments.

The people who are looking for well-furnished houses and apartments can buy exclusive property in this city. A 180m2 apartment can be bought at an average price of 100,000 EUR.

  1. Nis (City in Serbia)

Nis is the third-largest city and the administrative center of the Nisava District in Serbia. This place is not so famous among tourists, but it is worth visiting.

The city offers amazing surprises as it is one of the most significant and busting cities in Serbia. It is a vibrant city and one of the oldest cities in the Balkans.

You can buy a nice apartment in this place. You can enjoy the culture and eat amazing food here on your stay. A 160m2 apartment can be bought at an average price of 160,000 EUR.

  1. Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia. It is situated in Northern Serbia on the bank of the Danube River. It is a city of young people who love music, amazing nightlife, and want to have fun. There is great cultural diversity, and the city opens the door for everyone.

Many tourists come to visit this place and enjoy their time here. This city offers all the facilities to its residents.

There are great residential apartments and houses in this city. If you are interested in buying a nice and well-furnished property in Novi Sad, you can buy a 115m2 apartment at an average price of 180,000 EUR.

  1. Kragujevac

It is the fourth largest city in Serbia, and this city is famous for the munitions and automobile industry. This city is known for being an important university center in Serbia. This place has so much to offer, from fascinating history to the culture that allures visitors worldwide.

Kragujevac is 10% cheaper than Belgrade, but real estate is still high compared to other cities and towns. There are many decent properties that you can buy in Kragujevac. You can buy property 130m2 at an average price of 200,000 EUR.

  1. Belgrade

Belgrade Is the capital of Serbia and is home to my finance and law firms. It is called the city that never sleeps. Bulgaria is a worth visiting and worth living city. This city might not be the most beautiful globally, but it is worth living in.

The people here are hospitable, this city is full of history, and the nightlife is great in Belgrade. The people who want to buy expensive or luxurious property in Belgrade can find a decent and well-furnished 140m2 house at an average price of 320,000 EUR.


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