How Can You Become An Interior Designer In Bangalore?

Becoming an interior designer in Bangalore is not an easy task. You may have certain talent in decorating your rooms and people may have come and complimented your interior decorations, but that does not necessarily mean that you have what it takes to become a successful interior designer Bangalore. Bangalore is not only the hub of technology, but it is also home to renowned interior designing schools. The city could help you kick-start your career as an interior designer.

The first step that you should take to become an expertinterior designer in Bangalore is to first apply to an interior design school in Bangalore. You can apply to schools for interior designers Bangaloreif you have passed your 10+2 level. There are two ways you can become an interior designer –

  • Choose interior design at the undergraduate level. Then graduate with an interior designing degree.
  • Take whatever subject you want at your graduation level and then proceed to take up a certificate interior designing course that are offered at many interior designing schools across the subcontinent. If you are doing a certificate course in interior design, you need to learn CAD as well.

After graduating with a degree in interior design if you want, you can also go for higher studies. Advance programs in interior design help you create your own niche and become an expert in that niche.

Some of the interior designing schools in Bangalore have an entrance exam, so be prepared to sit for an exam.

If you are opting for a certificate course, it is advised that you take your portfolio to show the faculty your work. It will increase your chances of being selected to the course.

HowMuch Would It Cost You To Get Admitted To An Interior Design Course?

An interior designing course can cost you from Rs 15000 to Rs 1 lakh. You can get admitted to an interior design course right after finishing school or after graduation.

In case you cannot pay for the courses, many scholarships are offered by the government for women, disabled and children of defence personnel. You can avail these scholarships to help aid your academic years.

Scope Of Interior Design

A career in interior design has a lot of scopes. It opens doors to many opportunities for interior designers. There is a demand for professional interior designers all over the world, especially in India. People are more willing to spend some money to hire a professional who can transform their homes into something that is both comfortable to live in and to boast about. Hiring an interior designer will up the value of the property as it meets all the standards that are wanted by homeowners. So you do not have to worry about not finding jobs, as there will be plenty of homeowners lining up at your door to design their dream homes.

It is not just the homeowners that will hire you; even companies will hire you to design their corporate buildings. You can find work at real estate companies and architectural firms.

But in order to work in the industry as an interior decorator, you need to be industry-certified and, to obtain the approval; you need to sit for an exam.

There Is A Huge Competition In The Field

Every year millions and millions of students graduate with interior design hoping to become the top interior decorator with their name and projects featured on the cover page of an interior design magazine. As one of the millions, you will have to work hard to make your presence in the industry known. The field is extremely competitive, and you should be ready to work for free for a year or so to build your reputation and resume. Working as an intern or as an apprentice to some senior interior decorator will help you gain experience in the field and also apply what you learned in the University. It is also great for making connections and networking is extremely important in a field like this.

So do not expect to make it big as soon as you step out the door of your University with a degree in your hand. Work hard, have patience, create amazing designs and soon you will become the number one interior decorator.

As a rookie, it is very important that you visit the site after the completion of the project to see if you missed anything or if the design could have been better. When you are working as an apprentice, make it a point to visit every completed project of your mentor and study the design.

The Salary Package For Interior Decorators

As a rookie interior decorator, expect to be paid around Rs 10000. As you gain experience and fame in the industry, your salary can hike up to Rs 75000 a month!

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