What are Different Popular Styles of Contemporary Doors?

There are different types of doors like panelled doors, metal doors, PVC doors, flush doors, battened and ledged doors, bamboo doors, glass doors, aluminium doors, wooden or timber doors and many more types available in the market to choose a type based on your choice. These door types are determined based on the material they are made. You can also get doors that are categorised based on their style or the types of doors based on their style and not on the basis of the materials they are made. Some of the popular types of doors based on their style are hinged doors, Dutch doors, pocket doors, roller doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, French doors etc. Step in and pick up your choicest door either from the types based on the materials they are made, or types of doors based on the style or both types from The Home Zone.

The hinged doors are the most preferred or frequently used doors in contemporary houses. These doors are named hinged doors because one end of the hinged door is installed on the hinges. The other end of the hinged door either swings into or from the space. The hinged doors are normally brought as a pre-hang door system or just as a piece. The pocket doors have been existing for a very long period but have got immense popularity in recent times. The pocket doors are nothing but the doors that can move in and out of the area that has provision inside the wall. You can get pocket doors in both varieties the single door and as well as the double doors.

The roller door or also popularly known as sectional overhead doors are normally used in the garages or storages. You can also think of using roller doors in the living room or to separate the interior house from the garden or deck. The bifold doors are a set of doors which normally are hinged together and when needed fold into each other. The bifold doors are installed on a track which eventually hangs on the top. These types of doors are installed in the kitchen, utility and closet.

The sliding doors are moving doors which are popularly used in the bedrooms or closets. The sliding doors do not swing open but need to move them on the track. Since these doors do not swing open, they do not disrupt other components of the room. 

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