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What Can You Do with a Small Basement

Basement remodeling is a tricky thing for home improvement, such as Kitchener renovations. A home improvement project such as basement remodeling can cost from $6,500 to $18,000. It can add more value to a home and can be ideal for entertaining guests. If you are on the hunt for some inspiration, here are some small basement ideas that you can do for your home improvement project.

Basement living room

Having an extra space that the whole family can enjoy is possible through basement finishing Toronto if you want to plan for a basement living room. A basement living room can be that welcoming space where your family can wind down after a long day.

Additional bedroom space

Turning your basement into additional bedroom space can also be a good idea for your renovation plans. A basement bedroom can give the privacy and comfort needed to have a good night’s sleep and recharge for the next day ahead.

Functional workspace

A basement can also be transformed into a home office to have the space to be productive and get all your tasks done.

Fitness Room

Turning a small basement into a home gym can also be a good idea for fitness buffs who want a comfortable space to achieve their fitness goals.


A small basement space can also be converted into a second mini kitchen for entertaining house guests and preparing delicious food on the go.

Home Theater

Opting for a home theater in planning for basement renovations can also be a good idea for those who want to enjoy the theater experience in the comforts of their home.

For more information about renovation ideas that you can do with a small basement, here is an infographic provided by TroCanada.

What Can You Do With A Small Basement?

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