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What Kind of Bedroom Door Suits Your Home

Wooden interior doors are often the traditional choice for both modern and classic homes. Whichever type of wood you choose, a wooden door gives style and class to your interior. Wooden door is quickly becoming a favourite for HDB bedroom door where it gives a homelier feel compared to other materials.

A wooden door has not lost its charm and remains a popular option. You can find an overview of the different types of wooden interior doors here.

Versions Of Wooden Interior Doors

Wooden interior doors give extra privacy to a bedroom, living room, bathroom. There are many types of wooden doors, such as sliding doors, swing doors, and block doors. You can fully personalize a wooden door so that it fits perfectly into your living space. You can paint it, polish it, varnish it, sandblast it. You can also choose whether you want a flat wooden door or rather apply a pattern.

Wooden Sliding Doors

The sliding door is becoming more and more popular because of its many advantages. You lose less space with wooden sliding doors than with a traditional door. Two spaces can flow into each other by either opening or closing the sliding door. There are various ways in which you can realize a wooden sliding door. It is possible with a simple hanging system where the door is always visible. You can also make the door disappear into the wall.

Wooden Block Doors

Block doors are the latest trend in doors. With this type, the door is entirely placed in the wall, creating a continuous wall. The door is usually finished in the same colour to enhance the effect.

Block doors are fitted with invisible hinges as standard. If you later want to place block doors in your home, you should already consider it when finishing the wall. The plaster must be chamfered for correct installation. Such doors can yield both outward and inward opening doors.

Wooden Swing Door

The wooden swing door is still the most popular choice. They have many advantages, such as good insulation and privacy. The disadvantage of a swing door is that you have to provide enough space so that the door can open and close smoothly. You can personalize a swing door and adapt it to your interior style.

Floor-To-Ceiling Doors

In addition to the standard sizes, it is no problem today to have your wooden interior door made to measure. That way, you can also opt for floor-to-ceiling doors. Especially in a mansion, these are the perfect choice to continue the style of the past. For floor-to-ceiling doors in wood, you can choose both a custom-made sliding door and a swing door.

Pivoting Wooden Door

To be very innovative with a wooden door, you can opt for a pivoting door. The hinge is not on the side but at the top and bottom of the door. When opened, one side turns backwards, and the other side forwards. A pivoting door has a high aesthetic value due to its unique character. It is not very common you get to see a pivoting door. The slight disadvantage of a pivoting door is that you have less free passage width. To avoid this problem as much as possible, you need a larger doorway.


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