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3 Tips Before You Get Aircon Chemical Overhauling In Singapore

The process of reconditioning and cleaning of the aircons can offer a great deal of benefits in the process of improving your aircon’s performance. If your aircon has already been through several rounds of chemical cleaning and servicing, then it is for sure that you will need a chemical overhauling expert for the extension of your aircon life.

There are times when dirt particles get accumulated in the aircons and stay uncleared for a long while, causing them to be quite hard to remove when servicing. In such situations, conventional cleaning methods with water and soap are not as effective – chemical overhauling is the surefire way to help get your aircon back on its feet.

How does Aircon Chemical Overhauling Help?

This is a form of in-depth cleaning as well as performing a reconditioning of the unit in order to restore aircon performance.

There are many professional companies and technicians in Singapore who can perform the process within a very short time, fully dismantle the aircon and clean every single component with specially made chemicals.With this cleaning, the dirt and dust deposits in the machine gets substantially removed, ensuring that both airflow and dehumidifiers are in working condition.

At the same time, if any additional issues still persist, then that can also be taken care of by these professionals. Any kind of issue such as accumulation and build-up over the evaporator coil, low lubrications, leakages etc., can be addressed by them. The process of chemical overhauling also helps purge the machine from anything causing bad odours, including bacteria that cannot be removed with normal cleaning.

Sounds Good. What are the Prices for Chemical Overhauling?

  • 1 Fan-coil chemical overhauling costs $ 140
  • 2 Fan-coil chemical overhauling costs $ 260
  • 3 Fan-coil and up, chemical overhauling costs $ 120 per unit
  • In case of the 4 fan coil overhauling, you need to ask for a quotation.

If you are under an existing maintenance contract, then the servicing could be free-of-charge. Companies with aircon trouble reading this should inquire with your building management for more information! There is also an additional 90-day warranty to help remedy any recurrent problems.

The Importance of Chemical Overhauling Services

This process of chemical overhauling should be done for those aircon that are used on a continuous basis but not serviced properly. In such cases, issues, such as uneven airflow water leakage and mold building are likely to occur. Chemical overhauling addresses these issues before things get worse, i.e., the aircon breaks down entirely and must be replaced.

The following issues are addressed in the process of chemical overhauling:

  • It fixes serious damages on the evaporator coils.
  • It fixes fan bearings that do not work properly
  • It addresses any damaged air filters
  • it addresses the issues of drainpipe blockages.

Do keep in mind, however, that chemical overhauling is not the same as chemical washing! Check with a trusted aircon servicing company for more information about chemical treatment. Get a trusted professional to look at your unit here, and for more aircon chemical overhaul services do check LK Brothers today!

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