A Practical Guide For Changing Windows

About 30% of the heat of a home is lost through the windows, increasing the cost of heating and reducing the energy efficiency of the house. One solution with which to address these deficiencies of the envelope is to replace our old windows with new ones of UPVC. This is because the low thermal conductivity of UPVC favors insulation, not allowing cold air from outside to enter the house.

Even having this clear, the truth is that there are still doubts when renovating the windows of our home since there are technical aspects that we do not know.

Basics for buying windows

Before carrying out the purchase, we have to take into account three things:

Characteristics of the house

According to our climate zone, the orientation of the facade, or the exposure we are to traffic noise, we will need one type of window or another, since the necessary insulation or acoustic reduction will be different.

Choice of professionals

The choice of the window is as important as its subsequent installation. A high-performance window can have air leaks if not installed correctly. In this aspect, it is important to choose professionals with experience, qualification, and that offer some guarantee.

Knowing how to interpret the values of the window

When looking at the different windows that exist in the market and the different materials from which they are made, we will find common values that we must know how to interpret. The U level, air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, and acoustic reduction have different classifications and values. Data that with the UPVC window suppliers Kent buying guide, we will know how to interpret quickly and easily.

Changing windows is an investment that, most likely, we only make once in our lives. Not all brands offer the same type of guarantee, a factor that should be taken into account, as it will bring peace of mind to the purchase.

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