How to Properly Care for Your Hand Tools

When you purchase hand tools from Marshall Industrial, it is in your best interest to keep them in good working condition for as long as possible. They will turn out to be a worthy investment if you do so. You will also enjoy your projects much more if you don’t have to constantly fix old tools or buy new ones.

The same applies for power tools and crafting tools or any other tools that you may possess. The following should help you properly take care of your hand tools:

Proper Storage

Properly storing your hand tools is one of the largest elements of their care. Proper storage of tools is all about utilizing the space you have no matter how small.

You can choose to store them in shelves and drawers.

You may also store them in chests or boxes. We have all seen toolboxes at one time in our life and the reason for their ubiquity is that they work. They also allow for portability.

If your space allows it, you can peg them on the wall which can save a lot of surface area. Pegboards are a very efficient tool storage system which also allow for easy retrieval when working.

Keeping your tools in a dry place is also a crucial element of proper tool care. Hanging tools is always best as they can always seep moisture from the floor if present.

You can use anti-rust agents such as liners and gels to keep your tools in pristine condition.

Cleaning Your Tools

After a day of hard labor with your tools, the last thing you want to do is clean them. Just like stretching after a workout, it is an essential part of the process.

Cleaning your tools in a timely fashion is well worth the trouble. Moreover, it only takes a couple of minutes so you had better do it if you want your tools to last for long.

Different tools have different methods of cleaning. It depends on which type of work to which you expose your tools.

Most hand tools can be easily cleaned with a wet rag, soap and water after using them. You do have to dry them afterwards though. Wooden handles may need some oil for the best results.

Your storage spaces will also need some cleaning regardless of how clean your tools are. Empty them ever so often and clean thoroughly so they will also be in good shape.


Whenever you finish using a hand tool, you should inspect it for damage or flaws and take corrective action if necessary. It is one of the most important things you can do not only for their longevity but also for your safety.

Check to see if there are loose or cracked handles on all of your tools. Fix them if there are any or risk serious injury to you and others. If needed, replace the handle entirely.

For striking edges, you should check for mushroom heads which lead to poor work quality. The best way to avoid mushroom heads is to sharpen your tools after every use.

You should check for corrosion and rust which is easy to correct. Power tools should also be checked for fractures which can be very damaging.

Proper care of tools is difficult but the rewards are worth the effort.

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