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Temporary Housing vs Hotels: 5 Key Differences

It is that time of the year when you feel your body needs a vacation.  With Google maps, choosing where to go is no longer challenging as deciding where to stay. Choosing between temporary housing near Texas Medical Center and hotels is not always easy.

It doesn’t matter the number of stars the hotel has.  No one wants to stay in a small cramped hotel for more than two days. It is uncomfortable and quite precisely not for business travelers. So why are people considering temporary housing more than hotels?

  1. Privacy

Renting a hotel means greeting the staff every time which can be a bit tiring. You will also need to deal with constant service knocks from the hotel attendants. Whether on business or vacation, your privacy is affected, expressly if you have not had a small talk about entry times.

Temporary housing, on the other end, is a home away from home. You have total privacy for chatting with friends, partying, and drinking without having to interact with hotel staff or other guests.

  1. Space

In most cases, the available space in hotels is always limited. The average hotel room is made of less than 400 square feet (ca. 37 square meters), which highly depends on the furniture size. There is no room for entertaining guests or simply keeping all your clothing away, but corporate housings are always double or triple this size.

  1. Pets

Pets are typically forbidden in most hotels unless on rare occasions when they may be permitted in the hotel’s property. Temporary housing does not have regulations on whom you invite or take in.

Just like how you rent a home, there is a security or pet-fee deposit to be paid if you wish to bring a pet with you. You only need to pay the agreed amount and bring your favorite pet along. The choice is entirely yours.

  1. Feels Like a Local

Living in a hotel, whether in Texas or any other country, feels like living in a foreign land, but living in temporary housing feels like living in a new home. It lets you view your destination with the eyes of a local. Unlike hotels, staying in temporary housing near Texas Medical Center or any other place means living like a local because you will need to cook and do almost everything for yourself.


  1. Cost

Did you know that you actually save more staying in a bigger house, full of space and privacy? Well, if you are staying for more than a week, it is a lot cheaper to rent a home than to stay in a hotel. This will help you save more for other activities on your vacation list.

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