5 Creative Ways to Use Blue Tiles in Your Home

Gone are the days when white tiles were used in home design. Nowadays, homeowners are going bold and experimental with color psychology and choosing colors to make their spaces pop. So, for the same many people prefer using blue tiles to create a snazzy look in their home. This article enlists some of the most creative ways to use the blue tiles in your home.

  1. Blue is a versatile shade, it is available in a number of shades, tones, and hues. This is because blue is both the color of sky and the sea. It evokes clarity, intuition, creativity, serenity and productivity. This shade is welcoming and soothing no matter if it is the deep navy or a pale color for a subtle style. It looks great when you pair it with classic white and marble textures.
  2. A blue classic metro tile with a gloss finish would look great with a clean white grout and if it is textured, it will complement the light and showcase the ripples on the tile surface for a great style statement. You can experiment with a lot of playful patterns like chevron compositions, herringbone patterns and straight line brick styles as well.
  3. If you want a bolder and a more playful patterned tile, then you can go for soft blues, greys and greens with Carreaux Metro kitchen tiles. You can complement them with shades of white, blue, and natural wood or just mix and match the patterns and pops of vivid blue.
  4. No matter if you are styling your bathroom or kitchen, the understated tones of blue tiles help in adding a cool and contemporary finish to any kind of interior scheme. The hues of the tile will create an amazing finish that will work out beautifully in brick bond, herringbone or classic linear design. For creating a stunning focal point, you can consider tiling in the vertical or herringbone way to create an interesting pattern in your kitchen or cloakroom. You can also experiment with combing the dark, wooden surfaces, the smooth gold brassware and contemporary accessories for an interior scheme that will be showcased in an amazing contemporary style.
  5. Put up a statement mirror in your bathroom to make your space look bigger and add personality along with the blue tiles you used. Select which one suits your bathroom. The reflection says it all. You can hang the mirror with a chunky strap from a thick hook for a dramatic look. You can also go for a thickly framed hanging mirror or paint it in a color you want or add a gold leaf for a dramatic look.

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