Effectively and Accurately Calculating the Rate of Return on a Rental Property

Indeed, the rental real estate properties are perhaps the best ways to invest and make money and build your wealth. In this context, if you engage a real estate broker or a real estate agent as a homeowner who wants to sell the property or as a real estate investor, your maximum workload and responsibilities are shared with the broker or agent who will eventually earn a fortune for you. However, you need to choose the best and reliable broker or agent like Papachristou real estate brokers who will be committed to offering all the required services and assistance for your interest.

If you do not know the ROI or Return on Interest or the ROI calculation it may be one of the biggest blocks for you to invest in sengkang central residences business. The ROI has been popularly used as the real estate investment metrics to esstimate, analyse and evaluate the real estate investment performance and to compare the performance between different real estate investments. On the other hand, it is often challenging to accurately calculate the ROI because of their easy manipulations. In addition to this, often the investors pay cash or take out the mortgage on their property which goes on and these variables can be either included or excluded which further makes the ROI calculation complicated.

The ROI calculation is based on a simple formula such as the ROI is equal to the gain from the investment minus cost of an investment divided by the cost of the investment. For example, you invested 50000 USD and the profited you made is 70000 USD. Here the ROI calculation is 70000-50000 divided by 50000 = 0.4% = 40%. However, you must keep in mind that this is the most basic simple formula to calculate ROI. There are other methods to calculate such as cap rate and the cash on cash return which are more complicated.

The capitalisation rate or the cap rate is normally calculated when they pay for the rental property completely in cash. The cab rate is normally defined with the ratio between the net operating income of the property and its purchase rate i.e. NOI = income from rent – operational expenses. The formula for calculating cap rate is the cap rate = NOI/purchase rate x 100. For example, you paid 100000 USD in cash for the property and spent 1000 USD for the closing cost and 9000 USD for remodelling which means your investment is 110000 USD. Suppose your tenant pays you 800 USD per month, which means you gained 9600 USD per year.

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