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What Kind of Apartment Renovation You Should Be Aware of

To start, take the room measurements and mark them on a room plan. Add the shapes of the furniture so that you can find the best placement in the room. This will give you an idea of ​​the areas that will be the busiest.

Identify the best source of natural light

If you do not have large windows in the room, think of places where you can install artificial light sources.

Use objects

You should make the interior design plan around your objects. Furniture and parquet have an important say in choosing the decor. If you are looking for ideas, it can help you with many design trends.

Choose the colors

An important step is choosing the colors you want in the room. In general, it is preferable to limit yourself to three.

Use samples of the desired colors

Collect samples of the colors you use to better imagine the overall decor of the room. Consider furniture, curtains, walls, floors and doors.A few photos of the camera will help you better visualize how all these elements will work together.

Start with the walls

Whether you want to paint or wallpaper the walls, they will set the tone of the colors in the room. You can leave them in a neutral white or gray to highlight other colors in the room.Be careful not to accentuate the colors of the walls too much, so as not to disturb the chromatic balance of the room. Opt for a matte paint finish, as it hides small flaws more easily. In case of renovation in Singapore this comes useful.

If you want to make the room look bigger, opt for a bright and clear color. More volume is given by the contrast between the colored walls and a white ceiling.

For a deep effect, you can use the light in the room, through a chromatic contrast with the wall on which the light falls.

Choose the floor

Once you have chosen the colors of the walls, it’s time to focus on the floor. Tarkett offers a wide range of vinyl , laminate flooring and wood flooring , in different styles and shades.

As a general tip, try to choose a texture and pattern of parquet that contrasts with the walls. A parquet with two tones lighter or darker than the walls should be enough.

Remember to consider how natural light interacts with the floor. A laminate will have a different effect than a floor mat.

Arrange the furniture

Once you have created the general decor, position the furniture items. Try several combinations to find out which works best.Do not crowd the space too much and take into account the chromatic balance. For example, a painting and a rug can add that 5% color that gives personality to a room.

Remember that curtains are very important for the visual ensemble of the room. You can use them to influence the light level in the room.

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