Differences between A Rug And Carpet

Rug and carpet are terms which are interchangeably used, in most of the countries around the world they are just they same thing , while is some countries too they are not they same thing. If you’re in America you will agree with me that carpet is known as floor covering which is laid wall to wall, while the rug just covers just a small portion or a specific area. While in India, carpet are chosen over piso foamy because it’s used as denote to covering over the floor.

If they are been compared  a alformbras para sala is quite smaller than carpet.  It is always said that any floor cover that  comes with below 40 square feet are known as rugs and any one that is larger than this is known as carpets.

When a alformbras para USO rudo is attached so hard in the floors, they can never be removed easily but since the rug just have to a cover a small portion it can be easily removed from the floor.

Rugs is not a big problem if you want to take it from one place to another. For instance, if the rug owner want to take the rug to another room it’s so much possible.

But in carpet is 95% not possible to take from one room to another because it will have turn or will probably tear when you want to remove it. If someone want to change apartment it is possible to transport the rug but it’s not the same thing with carpet. Rug can serve you as many things, like foot rug , hung on walls , bed rug and so on. But it is not like that with carpet.

So there is so much different between the two if them, but in some countries they feel they are the same but they are not.

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