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Spring Care : 3 Necessary Tasks For Spring Lawn & Landscape Care

If you want your property to look it best, you need to know which spring lawn care needs should be addressed. Check out this list of three necessary tasks you should complete. When you utilize these tried and true approaches, you will see immediate and long-term benefits. 

  1. Weed and Unnecessary Growth Maintenance 

Do not let weeds take over your garden beds and yard. They do nothing for your curb appeal. They also can be breeding grounds for pests and rodents that can wreak havoc on your lawn and entire property. 

When handling your lawn and landscaping needs, you also should be cognizant of other unnecessary growth. Bushes and trees can grow into the foundation and structure of your house. Your home’s safety could be jeopardized. 

Make sure you take time now to control weeds and unnecessary growth. You can choose to use various types of weed killers, including all-natural ones. There are all kinds of tools you can use, too. And don’t forget to use mulch and/or pine straw in your beds. 

  1. Proper Fertilizing and Watering 

Most of your fertilizers are to be applied in the fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have access to products you can use in the spring. In fact, there are capsules, spreads, and sprays you definitely can use. You can even create some effective fertilizers on your own with normal everyday items you might have at home. 

Your lawn and landscaping will not look its best without the right amounts of water, either. For those of you with kids, this an activity they can enjoy with you. If you can’t push a screwdriver into your ground, then you are not getting enough water. But be cognizant of the fact that various parts of your property might get more water than other parts. Do not overwater, either 

And as much as your local weather forecaster tries to predict the weather well in advance, you really can’t ever be 100 percent certain as to how your weather will pan out. You might want to install a watering system. Systems today come with cool technologies like remote timers and wireless access. You can ensure your lawn gets enough water, even if you aren’t at home. 

  1. Installation of Annual and Perennial Plants 

Lawn management means you want your lawn to look its best, of course. And if you want your lawn to look good, you should be sure to incorporate annual and perennial plants. 

Your annuals are great for a seasonal boost of color on your property. Perrenials will come back for you year in and year out. You can choose from bushes, shrubs, and trees to improve the look of your lawn and overall landscaping. Popular annuals for you to consider are begonias, impatiens, and marigolds. Some perennials you might want to think about are calla lilies, phlox, and roses.  

Just be sure you are certain as to light and water needs. Make sure you will be able to commit to the care these plants will need. And while you’re at it, you should look into seeing whether or not your can add bushes and trees that will help shade your home and lower your home’s cooling costs. 

Have the Lawn You Wish for and Deserve 

The tips above are sure-fire ways to get the lawn you wish for and deserve. You really should give these ideas their due attention. 

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