Top four kitchen design style trends to expect in 2020

Decades ago, kitchen was considered as just one room of the house that needs to be utilised for only cooking.  It was the place where meals were cooked and dirty utensils were washed. However, with time and evolution in home interior, the role of kitchen has changed. It has now become the place that’s paraded in all its warmth and beauty.

Whether you opt for minimal upgrades or full renovation, the following trends for 2020 are worth considering. Last year, it was all about two-toned cabinetry and banquette style seating – let’s see what would dominate next year. From matte black fixtures to open shelving, designers weigh in and let’s explore the design trends which have reigned supreme.

Smart kitchen

The technology has entered the kitchen space, not just in the form of appliances or gadgets. Digital innovations will continue to drive creativity and homeowners are looking to integrate technology in their kitchen to add in every function and appliance from lighting, fridge to faucets. Wi-Fi enabled home appliances to sensors can offer convenience to the owners.

Effective storage cabinetry solutions

There will be a continued trend towards clean, concealed kitchen design with expandable storage solutions. People are looking for cleaner look that isn’t cluttered or too decorative cabinetry. The way the basic drawers and shelves are designed leaves a lot of untouched space that makes the kitchen look small. Homeowners are very cautious when it comes to organize the space efficiently. The call for functional kitchen with better storage options, such as pull-outs, roll-out trays, and deep drawers will be more.

Cabinet colours

Though white coloured cabinets give a classic look, designers and experts are hoping to see dark colours making its way slowly, but steadily. White cabinet may decline in popularity next year and can expect a range of dark or wood colours increasing its popularity throughout 2020.

Streamlined Designs

Interesting textures and designs are expected to take the lead; for example, open shelves, floor tiles in natural stone, wood beams, etc that offer modern clean lines will continued to be a huge hit.

In short, 2020 will see lot of innovations in terms of design and technology that will make cooking fun and daily lives more effortless. Looking to upgrade or get a complete kitchen model? You can now customize by selecting the exact cabinets as per your kitchen size that matches your vision. Browse through the collection of kitchen cabinets and designs offered by Entrepot Cuisine to get a stunning piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

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