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Novel trends that will redefine residential architecture

The industry 4.0 is nothing new and its applications have become widespread. The 4th revolution of industry i.e. industry 4.0 is evolving gradually and is the future of every organization. Industry 4.0 makes all the systems smarter and optimized. This digital industrial technology is now revolutionizing every field right from the health sector, banking sector, to software and architecture. 

Yes, industry 4.0 has expanded its applications even in the field of architecture. The future of architecture is being reshaped and redefined by industry 4.0. Over the past few years, the construction field is gaining a lot of demand. Many residential projects like Prestige Primrose Hills are upcoming in the market. And new methodologies and trends are emerging and kept the traditional systems away. These technologies will reduce the costs also just like Prestige Primrose Hills Price which is reasonable and affordable.

Here are the novel technological trends that are revolutionizing the modern architecture and design of buildings.

Virtual reality (VR):

The world of virtual reality is engineered quickly with the help of graphics, wireless tracking technology, and many other tools. Virtual reality enables us to build a 3D space that is yet to be built. VR enables one to create designs easily. Virtual reality in architecture comes with the advantage of spotting flaws in the design easily.

Artificial intelligence (AI):

AI is known to exert a great impact on the way the design is made. Building model information (BIM) can be made easily with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We know that AI has the ability to generate the blueprint of anything, even the human being. Likewise, AI can design the blueprint of the construction and results in sustainable spaces.


The robotic technology exists in this universe for many years. But it is now that it is gaining a wide range of applications. A trend where humans and robots work together will be seen in the future. Robot-assisted operations will be conducted. Many companies are already looking forward to employing this as a part of their operation.

3D and 4D Printing:

We have seen how 3D printing technology is used to create various items and even biological organs. With 3D printing, one can eliminate the problem of limited construction material. With 4D printing, these materials can be made real and thus the future of architecture will truly be redefined.

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