Refresh Your Kitchen in a Weekend


A kitchen refers to a room area used for the function of preparing food. It’s also used for entertaining guests in the house and keeping utensils.

A kitchen is the heart of a home hence one should ensure that it’s clean (to ensure that there are no germs to contaminate the food), stylish (to be eye-catching) and presentable (to be in good shape today and attractive to be guest friendly and lovable to the family)

The makeover is the activity of remodelling your kitchen to fit into the required standards of living. It involves: removal of the cabinets, plumbing the kitchen pipes, i.e. sink pipes, installation of a new lighting system, painting the kitchen walls, changing the ceiling, and replace the wiring example for the sockets.

Kitchen makeovers are the day to day activities of the current world due to the Changing trends in the models of an updated kitchen. It may take a couple of months to remodel or a year, depending on the project size (size of your kitchen).

Before starting a kitchen makeover, you should consider the following;

1.The goals set on the dream kitchen that are realistic and can be put to use,

  1. The amount of capital required and compare with your current financial status; if at all you can raise the amount required, period to complete your renovation, 
  2. The effects it may have on your family and pets, a kitchen to use during the time of renewal, the workforce required to complete the job
  3. Determine whether to hire a contractor to help in your renovation or doing them yourself. In other cases, you should gather photos of several kitchen workups and deduce an inspiring one from there. One should be able to design the phases to be undertaken in the kitchen makeover.

Phase 1
It involves:

  1. Measuring the size of the kitchen and having detailed information on the size and general measurements of the kitchen.
  2. Look for a designer; he/she is accommodating in the last attachment of your dream house and helps in expertise alternation of your dreams into a workable idea. The designer also helps in the selection of colours, decorations, and the addition of required tips.

    3Hire a contractor. The contractor helps in arranging your work in order and also pointing out mistakes and choosing the best and durable materials for use. He/she also helps you know the prices of the materials.
  3. Formulate a budget; this will help you manage your finances and ensure no wastage of funds. You should also include a funding plan in your budget and set aside emergency funds caused by the overuse or domino effect of replacing an item, which may affect other parts and lead to further unwarranted renovations.
  4. Ask for a building permit. The local government provides this in place. It’s often an important requirement in electrical alternations of a basic kitchen plumbing and building alternations.

Phase 2

Involves ordering of the building materials

You should contact the best sellers of different kitchen parts, i.e. cabinets, sinks countertops, ceiling, and windows, and get them in time. If you hired a contractor, it should be his/her work to do so.

Finally, after the orders have been fulfilled, you formulate a fixture of the work shift plan and the kick-off day and also assign duties to the labourers hired. Ensure that’ your project is a workable plan and not an overrated one due to ambitions.

Phase 3. Thanks, renovation.

First it starts with the demolishing of the current wares, which should be done carefully if future reference usage is needed and then installation of the new ones.
Mostly we should start with the large appliances like cabinets and sink followed by the minor ones like bulbs.

Second, in line is working on the floor and ceiling
Then third in line is the reinstallation of the new ones. It’s good to note that countertops need more time to settle; hence should be given a period to do so.
Forth is the installation of that hardware like the knobs, pipes, and wires, which should be done by an experienced electrician or plumber.

Ensure everything is in order and the right place before moving to the decorations of the walls and floor.

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